Judith Taylor is the author, designer, website builder, change-maker and dreamer of a better world, where women's talents are fully utilised, acknowledged and financially rewarded. She is a student of life and she utilises this thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, as the foundation to write compelling, informative, & thought provoking content. She then shares this knowledge and information, which seems to gravitate naturally to her, with all the Wondrous Women of the world.

Judith is a visionary, a realist, a strategist and her power lies in her unwavering faith, that together we can make a difference. She is definitely a cup half full kind of women and has a strong belief that knowledge is power, and that you can't begin to fix things, if you don't know they are broken. It is this enthusiasm and desire to make a difference in this world, instead of just worrying or complaining about it, which has driven her to build this website and blog.

Her qualifications and work experience are as diverse as any multitalented creative, would expect to be. From designing website businesses, owning a home building company, writing a book, building an Interior Design College, being an exhibiting artist for well over a decade, and teaching students at varying times, ranging from year 1 to adults. Judith has a Bachelor of Education in PDHPE & Science/Biology; Graduate Diploma in Employment Relations; Diploma in Interior Design; Diploma in Remedial Massage; University Licence Certificate in Real Estate; Touch For Health Level 1-3; Reiki Levels 1 &2; Certificate in Hermetic Science; Practitioner Certificate in Soul Realignment Healing and a Practitioner Certificate in The law Of Attraction. Most of all she comes from a place of love and integrity, from which every other good thing flows!

Wonderous Women is launching in Australia, because that is where Judith lives, but it is designed for women from any Country in the world. It is Judith's greatest hope that you will share this site with every women you know, so as in the words of Ghandi, together we can be the change we want to see in the world!