There are a lot of Wonderous Women regardless of which country they live in, who live on or below the poverty line with their children. At a time when divorce rates are high and social security is insufficient to make ends meet, and the cost of living  continues to get higher with no end in sight. It can be extremely tough! When every country is hugely in debt, getting help to see the tough times through, presents an increasing challenge to many single Mum's or Women just trying to make their way in this world.

​But when the going get's tough, the tough get going.
Women are natural born survivors, with stamina, motivation (the love of our children) and

determination ,that most men could only envy. We have put together some ideas to help

women to start their own business. These are creative ideas which require small financial

input. If these appeal to you or suite your abilities, take the leap of faith and make your

own destiny.

​If you have any other ideas of businesses which Wonderous Women could start, then

please send the details via the contact form.

Much Appreciated in advance!

​Together we can be the change we want to see in this world!


When considering starting your own business, just remember the majority of people may give some thought to starting a business of their own, but only a handful of do-ers will actually make the effort to turn their thought into a reality! So don't be put off by the thought that it is a simple idea that anybody can do , or would have already thought of.

One of the easiest ways to change the amount of cash you have available in your wallet, is to grow your own vegetables and fruits.

With a little bit of research you can teach yourself how to grow your own vegetable patch, or garden of pots, in even the smallest of spaces. Find out what grows best in your location and take into consideration the micro climates that exist within your back and front yard. It's a good idea to see how much sun each available area gets, remembering that veggies require roughly 6 hours of sun to do well. Some areas may be damp, others very dry and look at your soil to see if it drains well, or has lots of clay.

Think like a permaculture expert and instead of having ornamental plants, try swapping them over with herbs or pretty veggies. Don't forget the roll of companion planting and use things like marigolds to not only brighten up your yard, but to keep flying bugs away as well. Remember fruit trees will need at least 3-4 years depending on the exact type, to become productive, so start up your collection one at a time when you can afford it and plant in a pot, so you can take it where ever you move to. Knowing you don't have to worry about fruit or anything else for a couple of years, means all you have to do is keep up the watering. Pots notoriously dry out much quicker than plants in the ground, so adopt a regular watering practice.


Fruits and veggies that I found did well in Sydney, include Raspberries, cherry tomatoes, especially the little yellow grape type and passionfruit. Our fig tree has also got over 20 figs on it and we only brought it last year, when it was probably a couple of years old. It can be difficult to get a big variety of fruit tress, with the citrus trees, lemon, orange, mandarin and limes relatively easily available. Keep an eye out for some other fruits from places like your local nursery, Bunnings garden centres and even your local supermarket like Aldi and Woolworths, who occasionally have plants and fruit trees for sale. Once you do produce your own fruits, don't forget to put a few seeds aside to dry out and give you something to grow again later. A friend of mine has even grown her own avocado tree about a metre high now , from a seed. Organic food is better for saving seeds, as you can be certain the seeds haven't been genetically modified to be infertile.

If you prove to have a green thumb and grow an abundance of produce, you can find a local farmers co-op and get them to sell your surplus at the local growers market, or sell directly from your own home out the front.


Business Idea A:  Sell excess produce to farmers co-op.

Business Idea B:  Grow your own plants from seeds and cuttings and sell them. 

Business Idea C:  If you are good at your own productive garden, why not start up as a consultant and do it for other                             people who want to utilise their properties more productively and grow fresh healthy produce for

                            their own family.

Business Idea D:  If you are good at growing and maintaining your own garden, why not start up a maintenance  

                            business, for those want to grow their own healthy free produce but haven't really got the time to

                                   do the work.

Business Idea E:  If your garden is beautiful and productive, why not hold open gardens for people to come and see 

                           it. Charge them to come in, give them a ticket. Hold a raffle of a box or basket of your own fresh

                           produce (or whatever you want), which one person who visits that day will win. If you get too many 

                           people coming then hold 2 or 3 separate sessions, so you don't have problems with your 

                           neighbours or council due to excess cars parking in the street. You can have a book where                                          everyone who enters the garden must write their name, phone number and email. That way you can                            contact them later to see if they are interested in you doing some consulting, maintenance, or to                                send a reminder email when your open home is on next season, to see new season plantings etc.

Leila Janah and her "SAMA" group of companies

Check out the interview under the Inspiration Tab to get a full appreciation of the different arms to this company and how you can benefit from working with them or getting training so you can work for them.


Leila's company 'Sama 'specialises in training and then getting contracts which are managed through their company, for work which is simple to do and is outsourced to countries or places where poverty, unemployment and a lack of opportunity abounds. 

They believe that "There is a psychological ripple effect that comes with the dignity of work"

If you think you would like to do a job where you may be doing data entry or other simple internet based roles for big Oversea's or American companies, then you should check out the Sama sight. There is also free online courses, to teach you how to go about doing such outsourced work yourself at. 

Please share with any community that might benefit from this wonderful companies he

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