If we have the true intention to change the world so it is a better, kinder, safer, healthier and happier place for us and our families to live in, then it is up to us to become as informed as possible, about the truth of what really happens outside of our everyday life, knowledge and direct experiences.

Just because we have not experienced or been taught something by our parents or school, does not mean it does not exist and it can pose a REAL THREAT to the safety of our world.
Put simply, you cannot begin to fix a problem, if you have no awareness that it exists!

Its time for all Wonderous Women to wake up and become informed about everything, from what is happening to our environment, our health, politics, our spirit and our minds. It is our hope that without JUDGEMENT, you let your intuition guide you to the information you need to learn more about, and that you work your way through these DVD'S, until you are familiar with all of the topics discussed. You may not agree with some of them, and some may challenges old held beliefs that you may have. Try and keep an open mind and see how your awareness begins to open up and you start to remember why you are here on earth at this particular moment in time.

To make a difference!

I make no apologies that some of these topics may challenge you, I hope they do, because without challenge, nothing grows or changes; and things need to change! Go to the topic which holds interest for you, a lot of people are drawn to the banking history, as we all feel the diabolical impact that mortgages, credit card  interest rates, or student loans, have on our lives; and finding out how this came about, is often a real place to start.

Once the programmed mind has a crack made in it, then it can start to realise that if that is true, then surely anything else may also be true, if you just take the time to look into it more.

Now with an open mind, you can freely choose to learn and experience topics you thought only crazy conspiracy theorist or die hard environmentalists believed. There are some wild and unexpected things, that people have devoted much of their lives studying. With an open mind, you can then watch, learn and make up your own mind about each topic, or even stay impartial to the information. However just knowing that others have taken the time and sometimes lifetimes to research into certain subjects and then believe in it, is a lesson in itself. Kimberley Gamble from the excellent must see movie "Thrive"(see below) said when first presented with information that her conscious mind was struggling to believe, 'Follow The Money' and all things will become clear. When asking why would people behave in a certain ways; just look to see who has the most to gain financially and the reasons becomes very clear.


We are all different and unique, and even if you only watch one thing on this list and become better acquainted with it, then you have grown in knowledge and power. Knowledge is Power, so I say get as informed as you can, and then together we can start to change the world for the better. It is our experience, that once a person is informed and angered about what is really going on in the world, then action and making a difference is the only way forward.

'THRIVE' by Foster & Kimberley Gamble (2011)

Del Bigtree’s Exceptional Speech
Children’s March for Humanity, June 17, 2017
Washington, DC

19 minute video courtesy of Joshua Coleman

Harvey Weinstein: The Fall of  the King of Hollywood  Sky News
Century of Enslavement

The Truth about Vaccines 

Click on the link to get free access to this groundbreaking 7 part series:

The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind. Who owns the Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money
Seeds Of Death: Unveiling the lies of GMO's
Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy (2013)
SIRIUS   Made by the People for the People
The Venus Project: A New World System
Why in the World are They Spraying?

Why did they change the recording of music to 440Hz?

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