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This is a free directory for all members of Wonderous Women.

Tell us your business name, email contact, phone number, and no more than 2 sentences, explaining what you do. When you become a member of Wonderous Women, you are also added to our Wonderous Women's Private Facebook Chat group. Here you can share ideas, ask for advice, offer support and make new like minded friends from all over the world.



You can also purchase a Premium Listing for just $10.00 per month, where you can include your website  address and we will provide a live link, connecting anyone interested in your business, directly to your own professional website. From here you can let people know everything you offer and all your details.


Join up to Wonderous Women and send your details via the contact box below and they will be added to our site shortly. If we can support our fellow Wonderous Women in business from all over the world, then we will be increasing their ability to influence the world in a positive way. Use them whenever you can!




1. Zonta International. Zonta.org

2. Global Network for Rural Women. E-mail: smryer@labyringth.net.au

    URL: http://www.erple.net.au/~faawugri/global/.  Advances the status, skill and strength of rural women.

3. International Women's Development Agency. Email: iwda@peg.apc.org

URL: http://www.webaxs.net/~designer/IWDA/  The International Women's Development Agency is the only Australian overseas aid organisation that works soley for women's development.


1. National Council of Women of Australia -info@ncwa.org.au

2. Australian Womens Health Network -gwendolyn.Gray@anu.edu.au

3. Women in Business -info@womeninbusiness.com.au

4. Australian Council of Business Women -acob@ozemail.com.au

5. Older Womens Network - OWNA@zip.com.au

6. Chamber of Women in Business -office@cwb.org.au

7. Majura Womens Group - majurawomensgroup@gmail.com

8. Womens Action Alliance -WAA@womensactionalliance.com.au

9. The Australian Women's Intra Network - http://www.isis.aust.com/win

10. Women for a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific - International Peace Bureau, Oceania             Representative - pacific@rainbow.net.au

11. National Women's Media Centre -hleonard@intercoast.com.au

12. Females in Information Technology - amurnane@onaustralia.com.au

13. Association Of Migrant Women With English As A Second Language lulu@orac.net.au

14. National Council of Jewish Women of Australia ncjw@blaze.net.au

15. Australian Women in Agriculture. scroggie@ansonic.com.au.http://www.awia.org.au/default.htm

16. The Coalition of Activist Lesbians. coal@zip.com.au.   http://www.coal.zip.com.au

17. National Foundation for Australian Women http://pcug.org.au/other/wel/announce/nfaw.htm

18. National Women's Justice Coalition Inc.e-mail: nwjc@ozemail.com.au

      URL: http://www.nwjc.org.au

19. Women's Network for Technical and Vocational Education and Training 

      Student Equity Dept.email: ildi.szanto@cit.act.edu.au

      URL: http://sunsite.anu.edu.au/wnet/index.html

20. Women's Action Alliance. email:enquiries@womensactionalliance.com.au

      URL: http://womensactionalliance.com.au

21. Women's Services Network.  email: wesnet@world.net

22. Women With Disabilities Australia.  email: hskeat@pcug.org.au

23. Womensport Australia  Email: wsareid@dynamite.com.au

      URL: http://www.ausport.gov.au/wspahome.html

24. Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL) Australia. E-mail: welaust@dynamite.com.au

      URL: http://www.tip.net.au/other/wel/ or http://pcug.org.au/other/wel/.WEL Australia is a feminist             political organisation founded in 1972 as a women's political lobby. WEL is non-sectarian and non-           party-political and all political views are found within the membership. It is the national lobby                     organisation for all Australian women. 

25. BPW Australia (Business and Professional Women). Email: bpwaust@bpw.com 

      Website: http://www.bpwaust.com.au  BPW has no race, colour, creed or language barriers. BPW                speaks for all women whether in the paid or unpaid workforce.

26. NSW Rural Women's Network (RWN)  E-mail: allison.priest@agric.nsw.gov.au 

      web site: www.agric.nsw.gov.au/rwn 

27. Network of Women in Further Education.   email: nowinfe@vicnet.net.au

28. NOWINFE is an active network of support, stimulation, sharing and communication for all women in        Australia. We support and build connections between women as teachers and learners, at local,                community, regional,state and national levels

29. Union of Australian Women   e-mail: uawomen@ains.net.au

30. Nursing Mother's Association of Australia.  email: nursingm@vicnet.net.au

       URL: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~nmaa/

31. Women's Resource Information And Support Centre  email:wrisc@netconnect.com.au

       URL: http://wrisc.ballarat.net.au/

32. Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women  

       e-mail: faawagri@werple.net.au. URL: http://werple.net.au/~faawagri/

33. National Association of Women in Construction   Email: NAWIC@C031.aone.net.au

34. Australian Women's Party Email: AWP@powerup.com.au

35. Association of Women Educators.  email: awe@m141.aone.net.au.  URL:                                                  http://www.sev.com.au/awe/

       AWE is an association committed to the full participation of women and girls in education. 

36. National Council of Single Mothers and their Children. Email: ncsmc@adelaide.on.net

37. The Women's Information Service Email: info@wis.sa.gov.au  URL: http://www.wis.sa.gov.au

       Offers information and referral on any issue or problem women come to us with. We also offer free            legal advice and free Internet access and guidance to women.

38. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Email: cathpete@camtech.net.au

39. Australian Federation of University Women Email: daphne.Elliott@flinders.edu.au

40. Australian Women's Studies Association Social Inquiry   Email:                                                              cbulbeck@arts.adelaide.edu.au

41. Centre for Research for Women Edith Cowan  University   Email: a.goldflam@cowan.edu.au:          http://cowan.edu.au/ses/sscs/crow/

42. Women's Electoral Lobby  E-mail: mjenkins@carmen.murdoch.edu.au

43. The Centre for Leadership for Women   Email: diann@leadershipforwomen.com.au

       URL: http://www.leadershipforwomen.com.au

       The Centre aims to be a virtual Centre with the aim of empowering women to recognise their own            potential to be Leaders in a work and/or personal context,

44. EMILYs List.  E-mail: vic-emilyslist@vmore.org.au

      An organisation to support progressive women candidates for parliament. Sole Parents' Union

      E-mail: amatista@ozemail.com.au

45. WIRE (Women's Information and Referral Exchange) 

       website: www.wire.org.au   It's primarily a phone service that women can call to talk about problems          they're facing, be directed to services that can help them. 

46. Girl Guide Australia  email guides@girlguides.org.au.

47. The Country Women's Association of Australia The club may be reached thru Mrs Jan                        Cameron, PO Box 70, Millaa Millaa QLD 4886,  Email cameron_1@bigpond.com. 




























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