Interview of Leila Janah & Marie Forleo:

Fighting Global Poverty though Technology.

This is a very inspiring interview by two very inspiring ladies. What an interesting approach Leila has  made with  her not for profit company "Sama", towards making real changes for people who are experiencing little hope of living a life above the poverty line in many countries.

QUOTE of the interview: " The most incredible movements in history and the smallest acts of kindness every day are grounded in a sense of positivity and optimism about human nature, and thats a choice!"

Interview: Marie Forleo and Tammy Tibbetts, "Educate a girl, change the world"

Tammy Tibbetts heads a not for profit organisation called "She's the First". It sponsors girls in developing countries to be the first in their families to graduate from high school. 

QUOTE of the interview: "If you can move yourself out of your own way, there is no limit to what you can do for yourself and others"

Interview: Marie Forleo and Adam Braun, "How to live the impossible dream and change the world "

OK I know he's guy, but he is one of the evolved men that we wish all other men were like,  and he is a very good human being with a wonderful message to contribute. He gives those of us wanting to do more to improve the opportunity for women and girls to become all that they can be, the inspiration and ideas of how it can start.

QUOTE of the interview: "One individual who finds a sense of purpose can make radicle transformation, not just for themselves or their family, but globally."