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The mission of this site and blog, is to unite Women from all over the world in a common goal, and to raise the impact and presence that women have in our world.




A dream of a world where women are treated with the same privileges and opportunities that are afforded men, by virtue of their gender.


A world where women's ideas, skills, courage and drive, are as highly regarded and financially rewarded as that of any man.


A world where laws are not made largely by men, who have no idea and often no empathy for what it is, to live life as a women.


A world where compassion and love for our families is valued as highly as money, power and corporate success.


A world where we realise that without a healthy planet, there is no future, regardless of how much money you have in the bank.


A world where women are loved and respected, and not treated as the property of a man, and his personal slave to make his life easier and more pleasurable.


Wonderous Women is a website which is designed to unite women in the common causes that effect us.


To recognise and inform, in a group that is working to change the way women are viewed.


Our aim is to shine a spotlight on how wonderful so many women are.


Whether it's because of her extraordinary achievements, her creative problem solving innovations, or her philanthropic work.


By shinning this light, the world will start to realise how much women are already contributing to creating a better world, often without recognition or financial reward.


Wonderous Women aims to increase women's influence and affluence, to end the daily struggle that so many of us have to endure!


As a worldwide group of connected women, we aim to bring the influence of women and men back into BALANCE, by informing the world of what it is to be a women; and to actively make the necessary changes, by influencing laws that need to consider women more fully.


The world will soon know and embrace the apparent contradictions and paradoxes that women are able to be strong and sweet, powerful and yet welcoming, sensual and yet with a strong sense of a woman's worth!




Women are natural nurturers, who are devoted to our children and families, and our hearts are often open enough to raise the rest of the village as well!


However we are not just loving, we are also intelligent, creative innovators, resilient, persistent, courageous, and we have been watching how not to run the world for a very long time.


We have been lied to, controlled and manipulated, tortured, and abused; with religious leaders of every type, almost exclusively from male dominated bastions, only too happy to keep women in subservient, weakened and abused situations.


By honouring Wonderous Women from all over the world, supporting and encouraging our efforts, making decisions that support our efforts in business, and joining together to use our combined voices to make the changes we want to see in this world; we can turn this world around.


In order to make the necessary changes, women need to unite with one powerful voice and take on roles of leadership; so that real changes can be made.


The Earth will thank us, our children will thank us, and life may one day return to the Heaven on Earth it was always meant to be.


Lets share and connect this site with every women you know, young and old, and together we can build a feminine web connecting us all over the world, raising our personal vibration and that of the earth!


This is OUR SITE, so contribute and share as much as you can, there is nothing stopping us, nothing to loose and everything to gain!


Please feel free to contact us with any women whose efforts we need to recognise, any causes we need to know about and support or expose, and areas of concern that we need to raise awareness about.


We represent just over half of the entire world population, and together we can elevate the world one centimeter at a time, but hurry, as we have no time to waste.



Thank you and welcome Wonderous Women, from all over the world.xx

Managing Director

Judith Taylor

B Ed; Grad Dip ER; Dip RM; Dip ID; TFH 1-3; Reiki 1&2 Lic Cert RE &SS


PS:- Food for thought. If women as the main shoppers for ourselves and our families, decided that a company was destoying the earth with it's work practices or exploiting women or knowingly damaging our health; then we could protest such practices by refusing to purchase their products or services until changes were made. The best way to combate corporate greed is to strike them where it hurts the most....their bottom line. See how powerful we have the potential to be, if we actively work together.

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