Wonderous Women's Mission

The mission of this site and blog, is to unite Women from all over the world in a common goal, and to raise the impact and presence that women have in our world.

Women have for the past 13,000 years had to take a back seat in decision making, while the earth operated under masculine energy; but that has now has been returned back to the feminine energy, and just in the nick of time! I think we can all see the reality of this statement, as we have witnessed the never before seen uprising of women in huge numbers, all over the world in January 2017, to have all their issues heard.

The world is screaming out for some Feminine intervention!

The world is on the brink of destruction ,with nature suffering horrendously due to the Masculine priority of making money at any cost. The world feels like it is on the brink of war, the refugee crisis is critical, starvation and poverty abound, despite apparently plenty of resources; but which are in the hands of just a very small percentage of people. The amount of people suffering from depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, and the breakdown of the family unit, with divorce rates extremely high; has made life on earth tenuous at best!

The world is financially in peril, with both personal debt and every countries national debt, at extraordinary record highs. The pressure to keep making money for the banks (who have literally been allowed by our governments, to print money out of thin air) is relentless, and their greed seems to have no bounds! All public companies are in a constant struggle to find new ways to charge customers, reduce their services, running and staffing costs. This is necessary in order to make more and more unsustainable profits, for the stock market and shareholders who can no longer see past their need for profits, to reflect on how humanity is suffering as a direct result of it.

Multi national pharmaceutical companies have abandoned their goal of health, for profits, addiction and harm in anyway that turns a profit, or serves a corporations need for market domination and boundless greed. We continue to utilise non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil, despite having had technology for free energy since the 1900's, when Tesla came up with a plan to utilise the magnetic energy of the earth. That one invention, had it been not suppressed by the wealthy industrialist who owned the conventional non renewable resources; would have changed the course of the world. Without the struggle, that is a part of everyday existence in 3rd world countries without access to electricity, millions of people would have had a life unfathomably better than they do today.

Almost every common sense decision, has been discarded in favour of a direction that has resulted in harm to our earth and its people.

This has to stop, and I am not talking about putting in female leaders who think and act like males. Females with real feminine priorities is what is needed, so the world can get back on track and hopefully not only survive, but thrive!

Women are natural nurturers, who are devoted to our children and families, and our hearts are open enough to raise the rest of the village as well! However we are not just loving, we are also intelligent, creative innovators, resilient, persistent, courageous, and we have been watching how not to run the world for a very long time. We have been lied to, controlled and manipulated, tortured, and abused; with religious leaders of every type, almost exclusively from male dominated bastions, only too happy to keep women in subservient, weakened and abused situations.

By honouring Wonderous Women from all over the world, supporting and encouraging our efforts, making decisions that support our efforts in business, and joining together to use our combined voices to make the changes we want to see in this world; we can turn this world around.

In order to make the necessary changes, women need to unite with one powerful voice and take on roles of leadership; so that real changes can be made.Gaia will thank us, our children will thank us, and life may one day return to the Heaven on Earth it was always meant to be.

Lets share and connect this site with every women you know, young and old, and together we can build a feminine web connecting us all over the world, raising our personal vibration and that of the earth! This is OUR SITE, so contribute and share as much as you can, there is nothing stopping us, nothing to loose and everything to gain! Please feel free to contact us with any women whose efforts we need to recognise, any causes we need to know about and support or expose, and areas of concern that we need to raise awareness about. We represent just over half of the entire world population, and together we can elevate the world one centimeter at a time, but hurry, as we have no time to waste.

Thank you and welcome Wonderous Women, from all over the world.xx

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