TRIBE the new buzz word for 2017, but why?

The new buzz word for 2017, from my observations would seam to be ‘Tribe’ . It is a word that appears to be aimed more especially at women, when we are subtly told to ‘find our tribe’, meaning to find those like minded people who share the same values, ideas, goals as ourselves. I even read an article about the interior design style predictions for 2017, which mentioned that the main design trend was ‘tribal’. So what is this all about? Is it just the next ‘trendy’ buzz word which is being used to hook us into the next designated marketing effort to get us to spend our money? Well on one level yes, but is there more?

Many years ago I listened to a motivational dvd set which was all about ‘Success’. It was so long ago that I can’t remember the actual name of the set or who it was by anymore, but one thing I do remember is the second last dvd in the series, which seemed a bit out of place, but made a big impact on me. It was about accessing the ‘Superconsciousness”, a term I had never heard before then. It seamed to me to be a bit out of step with the rest of the series on success, but oddly enough it was the one thing that really captured my imagination and opened up my thinking to another level.

The essence of it was that when we think or even better meditate, we send thoughts out into the world, where they are caught in a web that surrounds the earth as a kind of thick layer of conscious thoughts. We can then draw down on this information, access it and then share our own thoughts, with everyone on earth. Therefore what we think is very important, because good thoughts and intentions have the ability to raise the vibration of everyone on earth, but conversely negative thoughts have the same opportunity, but with the effect of lowering the vibrational level of the world. A quick point to make clear, is that higher vibration is better than lower vibration. Higher, is where we are thinking and behaving in accordance with divine light or universal love, where as a lower vibration is a slower, denser energy, less in alignment with universal source and love.

I started to think about the times that I could remember, where this could have been working in our lives. I wondered about years when seemingly out of the blue (ie with no heavy advertising) I noticed that my Mum and Aunty or Grandmother would all seem to decide to buy everyone a beach towel for Christmas. This kind of thing happened often and perplexed me. From my knowledge of the world now, this could have been a result of mind entrainment or subliminal marketing, which was well underway back then and has reached new and unbelievable levels in our current lives (more about that in another blog); or was it the result of them all accessing the universal superconsciousness?

So the question is, whether the concept of ‘tribe’ which is engulfing our current lives, is a reflection of the world, and more especially women’s need to come together as one ‘Tribe’.

I have personally believed that the missing link in many peoples lives today, is the lack of connection and community with other people. We live in beautiful homes, in cities with huge numbers of people in them and yet we spend much of our time out of our houses working to pay for them and all the expenses, in jobs we often do not enjoy. On the whole, especially in Australia, we work some of the longest working hours in the world, we have one of the highest taxation rates, support a huge country with all of its much needed infrastructure, with a very small population and the cost of living is extremely high. The end result is we are lucky to know our neighbours names to say hello, on the occasions that we might pass them on our way out or coming home. We come home exhausted after battling the dreadful traffic that seems to dominate every major city on the planet and then switch hats to become the mother who counsels, does homework, cooks, and tries to have a relationship, if we have a partner and haven't been divorced and left to do it all with our children alone, like I was.

I wonder now, whether the rise of the need to become part of a ‘tribe’, is actually much more of a connection with the universal consciousness, crying out for the desperate need of women to come together and form a universal tribe. A tribe provides community, connection, protection, love and support. Of course this was the premise which was the founding reason that ‘Wonderous Women’ was started. Through the superconsciousness, I have heard the conscious pleas of women from all over our world, to unite to raise the vibration of the world higher, and to come together as the universal womens tribe, and to start to make a difference in the worlds of women and girls from all walks of life, all cultures, countries and beliefs. Right here, right now, this is our tribe!

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