Raise Our Vibration

For Women to be more powerful in this world, we need to raise our vibration. If you think about it, there seems to be a plan by those running our world, to keep us in a constant state of fear! In Australia and I am sure in most countries of the world, we have on any night a wide variety of programs featuring murder and mayhem of the most heinous order . All between 7 pm and 11 pm on any night of the week! If you live in America or Canada with hundreds of cable stations, this can be multiplied by a truly worrying number. Imagine just how much crime and vile behaviour one could see perpetrated against unsuspecting innocent victims, in an entire week? It’s making me feel stressed just writing about, and thinking about how all this negativity effectively lowers our vibration. Now think about the news, linked intrinsically to the worldwide 24-hour media circus, where every horrendous disaster, bombing or act of terrorism is watched by the masses, live as it is unfolding.

We are constantly bombarded with the threat of War, now by IS, the refugee crisis and the threat of terror; commercial airlines in the previous few years, have been bombed out of the sky flying home from a European holiday, others have crashed, and one completely disappeared. Then there is the Ebola virus, and the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes. Will it ever end?

A couple of years ago, a16-year-old friend of my daughter, who rarely watches the news herself, was convinced just by what she has heard, that we are all going to die from Ebola! Parents could easily be living their lives in a perpetual state of subconscious fear, that our children will be kidnapped; like the highly publicised Madeline McCann case or in Australia, little William Tyrrel's unsolved disappearance. Surely every loving family worst nightmare!

While I am not saying that these things don’t happen, I want you to think logically about it. Feel free to add in any other fears that the media has told us we should be worried about, and tell me how many people that you know of personally, have any of these terrible things happened to? I am not saying that they don’t exist, what I am saying is that the worldwide media is controlled by a smaller and smaller group of companies. They say that in America alone, only six companies, own 90% of its media! (http://www.freepress.net/ownership/chart). Should those companies have an agenda to keep us in an almost paralysed state of fear, then they have the perfect opportunity to do this, by keeping our news focused on disaster. In my personal experience, I have in my entire life, only know one person whose car was stolen; two families who had their house broken into, nobody who has ever experienced personally a family member being abducted or come down with Ebola! While this is by no means trying to minimize the unbelievable trauma that those to whom any of these unthinkable things have happened to; what I am saying is that for the vast majority, this is not part of our lives. If we listen to and believe in what we see and hear in the media and news every day and night around the clock, we could be forgiven for thinking that it is only a matter of time before one of them does happen to us directly. So it would appear that the tightly controlled media, run by the few, would like to keep us in a constant state of fear!

When we are in FEAR, our vibration is lowered, and that makes us less powerful, and more vulnerable and easily manipulated. To be more powerful as women, we need to find ways to keep our vibrational levels high. I have one thing to help achieve this. I want everyone to buy a small notebook, and I want you to decorate it and write on it, in whatever design and finish that makes you feel happy and proud; because this will reflect just how important this little book is to you.

This notebook will be your GRATITUDE BOOK. Every day I want you to write on each page: Today I am grateful for: and each night write a minimum of 5 different things each day that you are grateful for. It can be anything at all, like:

Today I am grateful for:-

  1. A comfortable bed to sleep in

  2. A water filter so I can get the fluoride & any impurities out

  3. A job where my boss is nice to work with

  4. A car to take my kids to school and me to work

  5. Having both my parents alive and who love & support me... etc. etc. etc.

With every thought of what we should be grateful for, we are raising our vibration and setting up through the Law of Attraction, to create more things to be grateful for, to come into our lives. Through our Collective Consciousness, all this gratitude, will connect to help raise the vibration of the earth, much the same way that Meditation done in large groups does (Please look up “Metta Around the World” as an example of how this can work) THIS, IS A MUST DO, to re-discover our Feminine Power!

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