Suffragettes we need you!

I recently saw the movie Suffragette. If you did not see it, I recommend that you make the effort to see it. As women, we should support and know about the very brave efforts these suffragette women made, enduring great stress, hardship and physical violence in the process. I have been told that one of my past lives was as a suffragette, so I felt a great curiosity and connection with this movie.

I was saddened that it was never promoted or advertised on television like the latest block buster murder thrillers are. Apparently a topic which should in theory appeal to 50% of the population, was not an economically viable enough proposition to bother wasting money on expensive advertising! As a result it came and went from our local cinemas very quickly and unceremoniously. Hardly that big of a surprise, knowing how unimportant women issues are perceived in our society, even today.

After seeing this movie, I came to a somber conclusion that from the 1900s, till 2017, well over a hundred years, that not much has really changed.

Women are still largely employed by male company owners, male CEO’s and a male hierarchy of management, all who also own greater amounts of money, than the rest of society. Women still get paid less than men for the same work. A recent Commonwealth Bank television advertisement stated that women in 2017 continue to get paid 40% less than their male colleagues! Really? WHY?

Sadly women are still being beaten as a result of domestic violence and assaulted when moving about in the general population; which seems to be getting more violent, life threatening and more prevalent than ever. Our innocent children also continue to be preyed upon by pedophiles & sex traffickers. Just yesterday I read an article written by Matt Agonist, that in Washington DC, USA, since the beginning of this year, 501 juveniles went missing!There is a cycle of depravity kept from the general publics eyes and ears, which is supported by unspoken secret societies which have existed for hundreds of years and secret satanic groups, largely protected and allowed to proliferate, under the “ look the other way policy” of politicians, law enforcement and the judiciary.

When I think about the struggle and abuse that the suffragettes went through all that time ago, I cannot believe that in real terms being a women is still such a perilous thing to be in society in 2017, and that so little has actually changed! At least we do have the right to vote thanks to the Suffragettes efforts, unfortunately the number of women we can actually vote into government is such a small percentage of the entire government numbers. Until women are equally represented in government, we need to put our Suffragette hats on for a little bit longer.

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