I watched Blake Lively's speech, given three days ago at the 'Variety, Power of Women ' Luncheon held in New York. This is a subject that has been on my radar for a long while as it literally breaks my heart to think that little children are being hurt, exploited and abused. No child deserves to be treated that way! I have been known to say if there was one thing I could change in this world, it would be to stop children lives being destroyed by child pornographers, pedophiles, sexual predators, and sex trafficking.

How anybody can torture a child for sexual gratification, is a concept so out of my realm of understanding, that I can literally not even imagine what kind of human being could do this. However they do and in their millions, and we the good mothers of the world choose to look the other way, not discuss it and not do anything to fix it. Many of us find it such an abhorrent topic that we choose not to make it part of our current narrative and so it is allowed to proliferate.

Blake Lively, the mother of two young girls, the youngest just six months old, could no longer look the other way. She has bravely stood up in front of a group of women 'changemakers', and implored them to help. Blake was speaking from information she got from The 'Child Rescue Coalition', an organisation founded and run by Carlie Youst it's CEO. They actively track the IP address of every predator (there are at least 50 Million files being shared online at any one time in the US) using or trading in child pornography, and they hand the information over to the Police to track them down.

Statistics show that 55% -95% who view this material, are abusers or will become abusers.They have found 9,000 predators and saved 2,000 children over the past 3 years that they have been operating. When you think of the time (sometimes years) and manpower that Police put into the investigation of one person's murder to find the guilty person, I wonder if they could be protecting the community better by devoting a far greater amount of time into stopping pedophilia, child pornography and sex trafficking, thus saving millions of children worldwide, from abuse and growing up hurt and damaged.

Blake said that 90% of children abused in this way, know their abusers and only 10% of children will actually speak up. The average abuser will abuse 50-100 children over their lifetimes. It is often the people you would least expect (including people in positions of power) to be involved in this behaviour. Blake mentioned a Paediatric Oncologist who had abuse thousands of very sick children! A thought so disturbing that no 'normal' person could even contemplate such thing happening.

She also pointed out the unpleasant fact, that these type of people, actively seek out jobs where they will have access to lots of young children. There have been many, many reports of children abused in welfare, hospitals, orphanages, schools and even child care, who have been targeted by these sick individuals. Don't take my word for it, just do a bit of research yourself, the facts are out there.

If we just choose to open our eyes and ears and face the unpleasant truth, that the world we live in, is not the sunny beautiful place we hope for, we can see the truth and actively do something to stop it. As Mothers it is our job to keep our children safe. Don't leave them unattended or with men regularly, if at all. While I am a very trusting person naturally, when it comes to our children safety, we cannot afford to be non-judgemental. If they are with you or your parents, they are safe, if not FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION, IT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

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