One very viable alternative to Mammograms are Thermograms. Thermograms are safe, nontoxic, highly accurate, inexpensive, and involve no pain what so ever. So why aren’t they the main method used in breast cancer diagnosis?

My only explanation, knowing the many reasons outlined in last weeks blog for not using Mammograms, would be to follow the money. By this I mean, have a look at who makes more money by having governments recommend Mammograms use, as the preferred choice (in Australia it is the only one which is Medicare rebated) for early detection of breast cancer. I looked up online and found that the Australian Government has two sites who have articles from a Doctor, both saying Thermograms are not as good as Mammograms, however the original articles were written in 2010, four years before the Swiss Medical Board released their findings, stating why they recommended that Mammograms should be no longer used in Switzerland. So why are these clearly outdated articles still on our governments website, is anyones guess.

Right now, May 2017, we have a very aggressive ad on Television, telling women that putting off a Mammogram every two years will almost certainly result in a breast cancer diagnosis, as happened to the lady featured in the ad. This misinformation, was one of the three points that the Swiss Medical Team based their recommendation to scrap the use of Mammograms in Switzerland. They stated clearly that the belief that having a regular Mammogram saved lives, was misleading and disproportionate to the actual truth that many more women are unnecessarily treated for cancer which they did not have, as a result of false Mammograms results, than were saved.

So if the Swiss report on Mammograms was made public in February 2014, why in May 2017 is our government still pushing the regular use of Mammograms? If I could find the article written by Dr Mercola, surely they would have access to the original research to analyse? This begs us to consider the question about the pharmaceutical, medical monopoly that extremely rich and powerful companies seem to have over our health care system, often showing little regard for our actual health, when money can be made (just read the possible side effects that go along with many pharmaceutical medications!). We have all heard that the Cancer industry is a multi billion dollar industry, which begs the question what would happen to all the businesses associated with the detection and treatment, not to mention the support for these cancer illnesses, if god forbid one day they were actually cured?

Thermography uses infrared heat emission by the body’s own tissues, in order to detect abnormal cancerous cells. Every cell emits heat, due to normal metabolism, however cancerous tumours give out more infrared heat than a normal healthy cell. By mapping the heat signature of the breast tissues, a Thermogram can show areas of cells which are producing abnormally high temperatures. This information is then used to produce an image, indicating where such anomalies are occurring.

This is used in combination with a response by the autonomic nervous system, which has less of a response on cancer cells, than normal cells. So they blow cool air over the breasts, to which the autonomic nervous system would react, causing the blood flow to normal cells to be reduced, in order for the body to regulate it’s temperature loss. However because cancerous cells being invaders in our body, are not under autonomic control and so they do not become cooler and hence show up on a Thermogram as “hot spots”.

When having a Thermogram, a lady stands bare-chested, three metres away from the machine only for a few minutes. The results are available on the monitor and are interpreted by the relating software. There is no squashing of the breasts and hence no pain and also no radiation entering the breast or body from the machinery. As there is no mechanical pressure which can promote cancer spread and no ionising radiation which can increase the risk of certain cancers, it is far safer. Where Mammograms are all but useless if a woman has dense breast tissue, Thermograms however lose no accuracy as a result of breast density, common in younger women.

The main reason I like Thermograms, is that they can show cancer development five years before a Mammogram is able to do so! This is done by it being able to view the early stages of the formation of new blood vessels, which is necessary for the tumour to grow. Quite unbelievably, it has been said that most breast tumours would have been slowly growing up to 2 decades, before a conventional detection method could have detected the cancer growth!

Thermograms can also detect breast cancer years earlier than physical examinations, and we all know that breast cancers can be relatively easily stopped in the early stages of growth. The difference can also be detected between a ‘hot’ cancerous tumour and a ‘cold’ benign tumour, thereby reducing the need for surgical removal of benign lumps. So why don’t we use the Thermogram as our method of choice? Philip Hoekstra PhD, a pioneer in the thermogram said:

“Mammography is not an acceptable way of screening breasts; the only reason it’s tolerated is that it is a major source of steady income for radiologists. They have come to covet Mammography and want no competition from other approaches.”

Amazingly Thermography has been used by progressive Doctors in Europe and USA since 1962! I have investigated using Thermography, but I have found that there are only a few choices available in most States. I rang one in NSW and was told that women come all the way from the Northern Territory, in order to get the Thermogram done, as there are none available there! This limited number of facilities has the result in making them expensive and they are not covered by Medicare.

I would like to see the Wonderous Women community come together to build Thermography Centres in all capital cities in the states of Australia and all over the world, so we can have access to a thermogram at a reasonable price in a convenient location. Once we have these built and running, we can also lobby governments for Thermograms to be covered under Medicare/Health systems. This is exactly the kind of thing that Wonderous Women was hoping to do, by using our combined voice to make a difference in women’s lives here in Australia and all over the world! I have a plan of how we can do this, but I need women to become a member of our community and to share with every other women they know, as surely we all need to have access to this information and service.

Together we can change the world so it is a better, safer, more equitable place for women to live in.

Go to the website https://www.wonderouswomen.com.au and let’s make our voices be heard and be a part of making the world a better place for women everywhere. If you are interested in helping us achieve this, please leave a message in the comment box below or on the website.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Wonderous Women in Australia.xx


*Feb 18, 2014, Article by Reuben Chow - from “Insights on Health’ Health Website Article “Thermograms - a safe, accurate and reliable alternative to Mammograms.”

*Natural News, a website on Natural Health www.naturalnews.com/043960 “thermograms breast cancer mammograms.html

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