Jeffery Smith is the Executive Director of the ‘Institute of Responsible Technology’ as well as a leading expert on GMO foods, and the Director of a new soon to be released film ‘Secret Ingredients’. He and many doctors and scientists, have come to realise just how personally damaging to our health eating GMO’s is, and how potentially devastating to the entire human race and the environment, GMO’s actually are. They have come to the conclusion that governments are not going to protect us and that the answer to the devastating effects of eating GMO’s on our health, has to stop with US!

After 21 years studying and informing the world about GMO’s effects on life, Jeffery Smith feels like we have finally reached the tipping point, where enough people have heard of the dangers of GMO’s. He believes that companies in response to this realisation, are now clambering to advertise ‘NON GMO’ foods on their labels, in a quest to be on track for the next wave of marketing and money making. Jeffery feels that in three years, this trend will be common place and GMO’s can be consciously removed from our personal diets. Because GMO’s are so well hidden in processed foods, which we in western cultures so often consume; we will be finally able to make good safe choices about the foods we eat. This hopefully should see diseases which have skyrocketed since GMO’s were first introduced in the food chain, start to decline.

As women and mother’s, when we find out about what GMO foods are doing to our health, our families, especially our children; our protective nature reacts with drive and determination to fix the situation. As stated in Wonderous Women’s Mission statement, I believe that it is the women’s roll to fix the grave damage that government and corporate business have perpetrated on a largely trusting and asleep population, in their constant drive for profits and control. We have the power, as the people who are largely responsible for buying and preparing the foods our families eat, to make that change happen.

To avoid buying GMO’s we need to know how to recognise them and what to do to repair the damage they have already done to our health. To date there are only 11 GMO’s in production.

  1. Corn

  2. Canola

  3. Soybean

  4. Cotton

  5. Alfalfa

  6. Sugar beat

  7. Papaya From Hawaii and China

  8. Zucchini or yellow Squash

  9. ‘Aquabounty' Salmon -farmed.

  10. Arctic Apple NEW

  11. Potatoes NEW

and Rice is under assessment in Australia.

NB: Tomatoes (Flavour Savers) the 1st GMO’s, are no longer produced (terrible taste)

* There have been field trials on pineapples, papayas, wheat, barely, sugarcane, bananas, rice and corn underway in Australia since 2015.

The best way to avoid GMO’s, is to buy any of these foods above, only if they are labelled as Non GMO’s. However you may have realised, many of these products are found in the unseen ingredients in processed foods, such as corn syrup, soy lecithin etc. Buying Organic foods is the only way to avoid GMO’s because as part of the Organic certification, they are not allowed to contain GMO products and also have the added benefits of having no pesticides. You need to check all ingredients listed, because corn syrup and soy is found in most highly processed sweet foods and soy lecithin (a flow agent) is even found as a filler in many superfoods, Vitamins and Minerals, Protein powder and even cheap end Vitamin C, which contains ascorbic acid derived from Corn and hence contains GMO’s!

Many Doctors now believe that feeding a child GMO foods, is child abuse at a cellular level. They like to remind parents that until 12 years old, a child’s immune system is still developing. Those who know this, cannot understand why it is OK to poison a child at a cellular level, which increases their chance of cancer, poisoning their stomachs, and body organs. It is impossible to understand how any government can argue that it is legal or morally right to do this.

Something even more concerning on a global level occurred when in 2001 a small Californian Biotech company called ‘Epicyte', patented a gene which causes male and female sterility. When a man ate the product it produced antibodies which rendered their own sperm irreversibly sterile. If women eat it, when they have intercourse, their bodies produce antibodies to the sperm, which render them infertile. Dupont and Monsanto (GMO producing companies) did a joint venture and purchased the Epicyte company and commercialised the epicene gene, in corn. Infertility is a problem which has dramatically increased in the USA and throughout the world. Why any company would want to commercialise such a gene, is a question which causes those who know, a great deal of concern for humanity; while the ‘company line’ is that it is to produce more corn. The bottom line is that if you want children, only eat organic GMO free corn and check all refined products to see if they contain corn syrup etc, hidden within them.

A good news story is that an infertility clinic in the US recently did a study, where they put 77 client couples on a GMO free organic diet. All 77 couples now have a child after sticking to the GMO free diet for just three months! Organic is also very important, because 80% of all GMO’s are considered ‘round up ready’, which is defined by the World Health Organisation as a probable carcinogen, which also messes up hormones, and as it is an antibiotic it also reeks havoc with our gut bacteria.

Most alarmingly however, is that roundup can block the production of the building blocks for serotonin, melatonin and dopamine, all vital brain hormones that give us that feeling of happiness and well being.

This is probably why so many people today are suffering from Anxiety and Depression, even though in terms of history there has never been a better, easier time to be living. Jeffery Smith also spoke of a Doctor who put 3 children with Autism on a Non GMO/Organic diet and found that 2 of those children were no longer considered to be Autistic and 1 had been able to be moved into a mainstream classroom! However wheat, rye, barley, rice, sweet potatoes, sugar cane and normal potatoes which are non GMO, are drenched in Roundup just before they are harvested!

It is advised that NON GMO’s are good, but ORGANIC is necessary!

Many people may think that buying Organic foods is too expensive, however Jeffery Smith in his new movie ‘Secret Ingredients’, tells of a family of 5 who spent $18,000 on doctors bills per year, but after changing to GMO free/organic foods, that dropped to $9,000 the next year and $3,000 the year after that. The quality of life and the bigger picture is what we need to keep in mind, when making the choice of what we put in our mouth. The more of us who use Organic foods, the cheaper they will become. Also cooking from scratch at home is the best way to know what goes into your food.

In Australia our food labelling laws are better than in America, but far behind the European Union where it is mandatory to label if GM foods have been present in any part of the production process, even if the GMO material is not present in the final product. This allows for people to trace and avoid products containing, consisting of, or produced from GMO’s. In the USA there is unbelievably NO requirement for any GMO labelling.

In Australia, if it is a whole GMO food it must be labelled, however most GM foods escape labelling as highly refined foods such as oils, sugar & starches derived from GM crops such as canola oil, or corn syrup, do not need labelling. They assume the Genetically Modified DNA & proteins are no longer present in the food, however they do exist and FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) know it. Foods eaten immediately, like those sold from restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, caterers and self catering institutions, does NOT need to be labelled. Also remember that animals and animal products who have been fed GMO feed, do not need to be labelled either. Therefore you need to consider this when purchasing milk, meat, eggs, fish and honey, or choose organic to be sure. Pet foods and products used for animal feed also do not need to be labelled if they contain GMO’s.

In case you still need convincing, Jeffery Smith did a study of 3,600 people who said they got better after switching to Organic foods. He reported that they told him they noted:

  1. Felt a decrease in intestinal tract problems

  2. Experienced more energy

  3. Reduced their weight

  4. Had a decrease in brain fog

  5. Noted a decrease in skin problems

  6. Had a decrease in allergic reactions.

Finally if you know that the initial reason for the invention of GMO’s was because Monsanto’s patent on roundup was expiring, so they produced a seed that was roundup ready and they made farmers sign a contract saying that if you use their seeds, you will also have to use Monsanto’s roundup.

When you realise that it was in fact not an idea designed to feed the world, but rather a calculated commercial plan to take control of the worlds ability to produce food, and knowing what harmful things it does to our body, the decision to cut them out of our diets ASAP could not be easier.

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