Womens Recognition in a Male Dominated World

This weekend in most parts of Australia, we recognise a public holiday long weekend called the Queen's Birthday Weekend. At this time the Queen honours Australian figures who have achieved great success in their field of endeavour or for their work or commitment towards certain causes. This year surprisingly in the Year of The Woman, we are sad to hear that even though in the past five years women being previously recognised only made up just under a third of all awards, this year there was even fewer recognised than usual.

Just a mere 30.6% of all Queen's Honours went to Women, and yet here at Wonderous Women, we have no problem recognising nine Women for their amazing Stories, Innovations and work as Philanthropists, every month! How and why should the number of Women recognised be so few? Those Women who were recognised, include Cate Blanchett as the only women appointed an AC for "eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree". She was recognised for her work in the arts, as well as her efforts in environmental and humanitarian causes.

Collette Dinnigan was given an Officer of the Order of Australia for her work in fashion design and as a role model to women. Also recognised were Aboriginal educator Patricia Cameron; Sheila Kavanagh for work in burns treatment; Reverend Kay Goldsworthy, Australia's first female Bishop, was also recognised for being a pioneer and as a role model to women. All together out of the 673 people recognised, just 206 were women!

Really? Australia you should be ashamed. You pretend that women have an equal role in our world, but sadly the proof is in the pudding as they say. It's time the male bastion of men in positions of power, men earning more than women for the same job and men being recognised and revered, while women are left under employed in leadership roles, underpaid, under recognised and hence under utilised, in a world that desperately needs more women making smart decisions.

To read more about this see here on Womens Agenda.com.au

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