I recently saw Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman from the TV series, make a speech, and in it she said something which deeply resonated with me. It was a truth not much spoken, and rarely recognised in the world, but a truth all the same:

"We are all Wonder Women,

Literally the Mother's of ALL MANKIND!"

I think the reason this is rarely spoken, is because the world has been set up to be male dominated and ruled. If this is the truth, then why would you speak a truth which plainly puts men beholden to women, their mother's who literally made them from their own bodies and loved them into existence? World history has shown that in all countries, women have been rarely treated as equals to men and more often than not, treated very badly, for fear that their true amazing worth should be seen or felt throughout society. We are dominated on a physical level by the bigger and stronger males, which has allowed those less emotionally, intellectually and spiritually evolved, to maintain a sense power over women. But no one will ever keep a good women down!

For women to regain our true worth and to be revered in our society for the Goddesses that we truly are, we need to first treat every women with the same respect we expect from society ourselves. It has to start once again with us, which is what Wonderous Women hopes that with every bit of added support and information, that all women will realise sooner than later. As women we know that education or wealth does not immune us from violent husbands, just as equally a lack of education or poverty stops women from sharing their innate intelligence or loving hearts.

We have all experienced different situations in our lives, some good, some bad, some devastating, some fantastic. Only when you have walked in a person's shoes, can you fully understand the choices in life that person has made, in order to survive and take care of themselves and their family. For this reason women should exclude from our vocabulary and worlds, words which demean, judge or degrade other women. Hateful words like bitch, slut, whore are applied loosely (even in music), while no such label is applied to men.

The move in our world from a time where women were loved and respected as the creative beings that we are, to now; has been clandestine and complete. Women need to show solidarity in our sisterhood, and keep integrity in our souls. If all women never cheated on another women, then men would cherish and respect any women he was lucky enough to 'catch' and marry, as his Goddess; the way it used to be. We need to teach men how we expect and demand to be treated, with love, honesty and respect and if they don't, then cut them loose. They will soon understand that if we refuse to accept behaviour less than our worth, that they will find themselves alone.

But it starts with how we treat women ourselves.

Some words of advice by Helen Ballard

Be a women another women can trust.

Have the courage to tell another women

directly when she has offended, hurt or

disappointed you.

Successful women have a loyal tribe of

loyal and honest women behind them.

Not haters. Not backstabbers or women

who whisper behind their back.

Be a women who lifts other women!

Let's all be Wonderous Women!

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