Back when I was a little girl I can remember feeling huge excitement if I saw a skywriting plane; my siblings and I would all runout and try and work out what they were writing. Today I get a feeling of dread come over me when I look up to the sky and see planes leaving behind a trail of something that doesn’t immediately disappear, like the exhaust from a jet, which evaporates very quickly as it moves through the sky. No, this stuff lingers and joins together to form a very thin wispy cloud that we never learned about in geography. We never learned about it, because it doesn’t come from nature!

I first started to notice this occurrence in our skies about six years ago. My house was on a hill and had ceiling high windows which looked directly out into the sky. It was spring/summer and having the sky in my face every time I went to the family room, I began to notice that it was always cloudy and we rarely saw the clear blue skies I loved to see. But oddly enough it never actually rained? Weeks seemed to go by overcast, but no rain actually ever fell, the clouds just seemed to block out the sun.

If I got up early enough I spotted the culprit actually “making” these ‘clouds’, which we now know as chemtrails. They are often little planes which fly up and down or criss cross the sky, until their chemical load covers the sky. It starts out as strips, but over about half an hour the chemicals join together until the blue is all gone. I started to read what it was about, but I was shocked that they were so prolific where I was, as I was living about 1 & 1/2 hours out of Sydney at the time. I expected that they would be more prolific in the highly populated cities, but not this far out of Sydney! When I went to Europe the next year I was horrified as at any time of the day I could look up and see multiple planes dropping their chemicals crossing throughout the sky! Even as large planes left a trail which almost immediately evaporated right beside these little planes, educated people were still in denial that something ‘wrong’ was happening.

I remember asking a lady one Saturday morning while watching our children play Netball, what do you think that plane is doing? He flew up and down in the sky above us spraying his criss cross tell tale pattern, until he disappeared and so had our sunny blue sky. I started to wonder why so many people, like she had never noticed it before, and then it occurred to me. Most of the population had their heads looking downwards at their mobile phones!

Apparently Chemtrails or Geoengineering, has been legally taking place for a very long time, starting from what some of us may have heard as cloud seeding. Programs were budgeted and funded by local government in an attempt to control nature by making rain fall where it never did, so controlling drought etc. However as most Scientists have long since known, that when we try and play God with Mother Nature, even if done with the best intentions, something unexpected and usually catastrophic often results ( just think about when they thought introducing the cane toad to Australia to control destructive beetles in Queensland’s sugarcane crops was a good idea).

So now your aware of these unnatural clouds, I guess you are wondering what is actually in them? Well chemicals obviously, including liquid sulphur, sulphur dioxide, ice crystals, calcium carbonate-limestone -alumina, diamond dust etc. Yes I hear your mind thinking, do we really want all of these chemicals and possible others, in the air we breath, falling on our skin, (the largest organ in our body), dropping into our water supply, landing on our crops, plants and animals and finally on the grass and soil we grow our very food supply in? I just read an article that believes that Aluminium causes Alzheimers and here is alumina which is a compound that contains aluminium being sprayed onto us. One can only ponder, is this possibly why the number of people suffering from this condition is on the rise? For that matter why the number of children suffering Allergies and Asthma is also increasing.

As Women wanting good health for ourselves and our families, we need to know exactly what is being sprayed on us and the environment and why. Another point to consider is that many people have now been found to be Vitamin D deficient, a very important Vitamin for the healthy functioning of the body, with no sun we cannot make our own Vitamin D. The sun is also reputed to be very influential in the correct functioning of the Pineal Gland. What do you think about this Scientific intervention without any consultation with the public? Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think, have you seen them and would you like to know exactly what they are and why they are being used? If we don't know, we clearly won't be told, but if you want to know more about this topic please take a look at https://www.wonderouswomen.com.au/copy-of-knowledge

where you can watch a documentary called “Why in the world are they spraying"

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