Life Goes by so quickly, don't squander it

Firstly let me apologise for missing a few blog posts. As you know this blog normally comes out weekly, but due to the unexpected and very sad passing of my beautiful Mother, I have not been able to deliver on this occasion. As is often the case with all of us when we experience this kind of tragedy, we tend to stop and take stock of our lives, our relationships and often our careers.

The realisation that your entire life can change so quickly, tends to cause us to clarify our priorities. Inevitably we are forced to think, if I knew I only had a short time left on earth, what would I do with that time, and how does that reconcile with what you are actually doing with your life? Then there is the question of your career, is it the way you envisaged you spending your time, week in and week out for the majority of your life?

Does it give you wages but no joy, or perhaps it is a job, but it gives you no sense of purpose or fruitful contribution to the world? If you are lucky enough to say yes, then well done you; however if like many people the answer is no, then it may be time to stop, take stock and think about ways you can change things; so that when asked that question again, you can answer unequivocally yes.

I have found my spirituality and the work I have done to understand it over the years, has given me great comfort in dealing with my Mother's passing. I know she is in a far better place now, free from the burdens of the physical body and the endless controls over our lives and surrounded by unconditional love. The sadness I feel is for myself, my Father and my family, for not being able to see her and be with her in the physical anymore; although I know she is around us all in spirit and she will always be in our hearts.

Change is never easy and for many it can be hugely disruptive. My advise would be to use my loss as an impetus to take a look at developing your own understanding of spirituality and to take stock of your life and ask, is it the way you really want to spend the rest of your life? Finally make time to enjoy the company of those you love as often as you can, because you never know when they will no longer be there to do it with you.

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