Just as women have started to find their voice's and actively rise up to make a stand for women's rights and a more equal and equitable world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) arrives! As the richest and most powerful, push towards a future where people become obsolete, we have now seen the flooding of the market with Sex Robots! Like a drip of water can erode even concrete where it lands, so is the insidious efforts to make people outsmarted by Artificial Intelligence and it seems out-relationshipped; both trying to subtly devalue the worth of humanity!

The latest offerings of these sick minded creeps, is being drip fed to humanity in news feeds around the world. That is, the AI Sex Robots that the Asians have been very proud to develop. No longer does a man need to find a suitable partner, develop a relationship, win her and marry her. These people have built female looking robots which will talk dirty to you in bed, or who really liked to be kissed and sit passively waiting to be "used" as often as the owner wishes.

A socially retarded or de-humanised man, can now buy a sex-bot in Britain's Covent Gardens, where he can even try before he buys! The latest models are indeed very human like and literally reflect every man's dream women, in bust and butt size, proportion and in a variety of positions (search on Google images and you will be shocked, I guarantee). There are even Robot doll brothels already operating in Korea, Japan and Spain, while the first robotic oral sex coffee shop opened in Paddington, west London in 2016! ( Christina Sarich of Waking 15/08/2017) The insidious way that we are being introduced to this perversion, is perhaps the most concerning of all, as it tries to 'normalise' it in the minds of humanity, making men and boys feel like this is a commonplace way for them to experience sex.

Where does that leave women? A real women would find a direct physical comparison to one of these AI sex dolls, much like trying to look like a sex porn star, which for most of us is not only undesirable, but also completely unattainable. How will men of the future even know how to participate in a normal loving relationships and express real emotions, and how satisfied will they be with the physical reality of a real women, if this becomes commonplace? In a society where the youth are so busy interacting on their phones and devices (alone), is this just the next step to dividing humanity into individual expendable compartments, as we no longer know how to interact with each other?

I am sure that a thinking adult with an ounce of intelligence and moral integrity, will be horrified and find this frightening and just plain wrong on so many levels. I was personally horrified when searching for an image to use with this blog, that I found in amongst the AI sex dolls, that there were AI children, mainly young girls, but even a young boy, who I can only assume is catering for the pedophile client and which is directly encouraging this vile crime as a normal sexual behaviour.

It's time women, to voice your horror and disgust, while we still can. Write to your Politicians, discuss it with your friends, share it on social media and let's rally in the streets. Enough is enough! As humans we are far greater and more powerful than any Artificial Intelligence will ever be. Our connection to source and each other, results in love, empathy and shared intelligence of the ages, to each and every human being and that is what makes us human! The lie that AI will ever be even remotely as good as a human, or in anyway replace a women, is yet another lie to keep us gullible and enslaved to our physical needs and not to our hearts, mind or soul.

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