Apparently the cafe culture is extremely strong in Australia and is also unique. So uniquely wonderful, that quite a few Australians have taken it and our love of the cappuccino to America, in particular the Big Apple, where the New Yorkers can't get enough of it!

For women in Australia, having a ‘coffee’ with your girlfriends often starts when we make friends at work, our babies are little, with our local Mother’s Group. But once 'coffee with the girls’ starts, it continues as a way for us to catch up with our ‘besties’ well into retirement. The opportunity to bond, talk about the good times and bad, our relationships, work and children; is one of the best form of therapy Australian women have. I think this is why we have never really embraced the need for paid therapists, like they do in the US.

But the humble coffee, while the impetus for bringing us together, can do so much more! In fact there have been many studies over the years which have told of the untold number of healthful benefits of the humble cup of coffee. In fact just this month I read about one such study, reported by Dr Mercola (‘Coffee Is even more beneficial for those Over 45’, September 11, 2017) which showed that:

“Among those aged 45 and over, every two cups of daily coffee, lowered the risk of dying during the (10 year study) by 30%….noting a 22 % decreased risk of all-cause mortality when study participants who drank four cups a day added two additional cups of coffee per day to their regime.”

In fact having four or more cups of coffee a day can apparently help fight depression, lower your risk of several types of cancer, improve the health of your liver and possibly also be beneficial for heart disease and stroke, due to coffee’s large supply of antioxidants. It may also according to some studies, lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes (affecting approximately 300 Millions people worldwide) and lowering your risk of getting Parkinson’s disease by up to 60%. (Dr Mercola 2017) Coffee contains phytonutrients giving healthy amounts of riboflavin, pantothenic acid, potassium, magnesium, manganese and niacin in each cup of coffee. This is very helpful in a world where many of the minerals have been depleted from our soils due to over-farming and hence also from our foods.

Coffee does however become less healthy, when you add things like sugars, artificial sweeteners, milk, flavourings and pesticides into the mix. For that reason it is preferable to choose organic sustainably grown coffee, which favours growing conditions which look after the environment as well as the end users, us!

So drink up and feel confidant in the fact that if it is shared with friends over a good conversation, that you are not only helping your overall physical health, but also your mental health. Cheers!

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