At the end of 2016, women were out numbered by men in the world by a whopping 66 Million worldwide! This is quite an unnatural statistic, as if left to nature according to the ‘Fisher’s Principle’, the ratio should be very close to 50:50 women to men in any given population. Back in 1960, the World Bank said the ratio was within 0.002 percentage points from an equal distribution.

So what has happened to cause this Imbalance against nature? Put simply, China and India.

These two countries with their huge populations and their preference for sons, has resulted in India having 48 million more men than women and China nearly 42 million more men than women. Both of these countries accounted for 75% of the male surplus throughout the world!

Both of these countries are infamous for widespread gender selective abortions and female infanticide. In China in 2014 there were115.9 boys for every 110 girls born and in India in 2013 it is 893 girls born to every 1000 boys. This has become even more prevalent with the affordable ability for parents to do prenatal diagnostic tests. Seeing the inherent dangers of this imbalance, India in 1994 legally banned sex determination before birth, but this has been largely ineffective. China in 2013 loosened its one-child policy, which had been one of the main reasons for the selective imbalance.

The implications for women in such countries can be dire. One huge problem in India has been the rape culture, which has grown as the disproportionate number of men to women has matured and many struggle to find a bride. In such situations it is easy for women to become seen as a possession available to the highest bidder, and that a females value is largely for sex and reproduction. Worst still for the world, is that there are fewer women available to offer their feminine intellect and intuitive thinking, which the world is so desperately in need of.

Of course India and China are not the only countries which have contributed to this disproportion, but certainly they are a big cause of it. Hopefully the reality of man trying to influence the natural balance of gender, is starting to sink into the leaders who have too successfully put the earning capacity of men way above that of women, which has lead to this unnatural selection. However, it shows just how financially desperate so many of the families of the world are to survive, that they would see choosing a son over a daughter as their best option for life.

If the world was less cut throat, where the rich continue to get richer, while the poorer continue to get more and more desperate in their bid for survival, then this would probably never have become an issue in the first place. Also a lack of education, and opportunities for a sustainable life, has lead poorer countries population's to see breading large families as their only opportunity to be able to survive.

Reference from 'A story of drinkers, genocide and unborn girls' By David Bauer (Oct 2016)

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