For most people, men and women, this is a no brainer. Of course, if we want to live and be able to pay our bills, we need to work. There are also other things that working can give us, like a sense of belonging to a social network of like minded individuals, working together to achieve a common goal.

The mere process of becoming qualified for a job, surviving the interview process and being chosen over those who applied, is in itself empowering. We can also build friendships, get self esteem, as well as learning to deal with dickheads, back stabbers and bosses. All a vital part of life and becoming self actualised.

But what if you are a women with a baby, or preschool age children? Are the benefits still the same and do they override the benefits of being at home with your children, when they need you the most? A planned pregnancy is an exciting time for all parents, but the intimate relationship this has with the mother is undeniable. To have a baby growing inside you for nine months, and going through all the physical and emotional changes that go along with that, not to mention the excruciating pain of giving birth; is all leading up to the payoff, when we get to hold our own creation in our arms!

It has been said that the moment a mother holds her newborn baby in her arms, that she falls madly and deeply in love with that child and through the highs and lows, good and bad, she knows she will always be there for them. A mother is so intimately connected with their little person, that they can communicate without words, learning and knowing what each cry, face, body movement means, like no other can. However this comes through spending quality intimate time and bonding one on one, day in and day out, observing, caring, feeding and playing with your child. I will go as far as to say, that no other person will do as good a job looking after your baby as you will.

It would be a rare mother, given the opportunity and support required, who would readily choose work, rather than to be at home with her baby. The fact that we rarely get the required support to make this choice, is something that needs to be looked at immediately! No mother should have to feel emotionally destroyed, ashamed, physically exhausted or financially devastated, in order to raise her child. If we want our children to have the best start in life, then our society needs to realise that giving this vital nurturing time with their mum’s, will be reflected in the future generations. These children will one day run the world, and physically and emotionally stable adults with a good connection to their family, will result in people who put humanity above profits.

Back in the 1960’s and 70’s it was normal for mother’s to stay at home with their children. Gradually the role of women expanded, until it became accepted for women to go out and join the workforce as a normal part of life. The benefits of employment mentioned above, as well as the added bonus of an additional income, so the family could have an easier life was obvious. These benefits also extended to business, giving it a huge injection of additional workers, with unprecedented feminine intelligence, problem solving and creative ingenuity; once it was accepted and more fully utilised. This did take some time!

Business would never be the same and the government coffers also started to swell, with extra taxes now flowing in. It seemed like a win, win, win situation! But as our world developed and became more business orientated, and women took on the challenges of university study in careers previously more typically male orientated; women became more motivated to utilise their genius with the companies they worked for, alongside their male colleagues. It was only logical that women would want to challenge themselves and compete for higher paying positions and career advancement.

That was where the problem started, because it brought up issues never experienced before; like how can you as a women compete against a man for a senior role, if you need to leave work to start and raise a family? The workplace was set up by men, for men and is still largely male dominated in the most senior positions, in almost every industry. Therefore, for a women to be able to compete, she had to fit into the male designed workplace, following their rules. This is the real problem that needs to be addressed, that is to redesign the workplace so it does accommodate women and their needs and legislating so that women are not financially penalised for taking time out of their working life to give birth to and raise the future generations.

“We are all wonder women, literally the mothers of all mankind”

(Linda Carter)

This needs to be acknowledged, respected, and women need to be admired and assisted where ever possible, in order to be the creator beings we are!

Men in the past rarely if ever stayed at home and looked after young children, while mothers went out and worked. Any nurturing and loving parent, would in my opinion be highly preferable to mass caring from an already extremely expensive ,overburdened and underpaid childcare/preschool industry. However, all of a sudden if a women wanted a career with opportunities for advancement, the idea of staying at home with her babies was no longer a viable option.

A women leaving her position to be a mother, would mean an uncertain holt to her career advancement opportunities. This was sometimes due to the advancement of technologies, as well as the constant changing of business procedures, educational curriculums and new laws being applied (often with every new government trying to stamp their name on new changes). Therefore for many women leaving work for the preschool nurturing years of their babies, it resulted in their skills and knowledge becoming obsolete, not to mention the financially harrowing effect it has on your disposable income and superannuation; which will have a huge chunk missing compared to her male colleagues. It seems that being the only people who can create a baby, is an automatic penalty to being able to retire with a superannuation equivalent to their male, equally educated and experienced colleagues. The Government needs to address this NOW!

This topic will be continued next week, when we look at things like issues of housework and who does it, as well as the actual benefits to a child’s growth and potential as well as the high rate of divorce and how this effects womens choices.

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