Women Unite to Speak Up

The avalanche of accused men in positions of power, especially in the film, television and media industries about sexual harassment, misconduct and misuse of power with regards to women, is bitter/sweet! The fact that women in 2017, finally feel they have the support of other women in the community, to speak up and right wrongs that have been done to them is great! By shining a light on the grimey, shameful actions of what is now a list of at least 35 men, spear headed by Harvey Weinstein in America and Don Burke in Australia; has finally made public how badly so many women have been treated, abused and hampered in their careers.

The cold hard reality of this, is that even after two thousand and seventeen years of the modern calendar, women are still largely being treated like second class citizens by men in positions of power. The talent, intelligence, integrity and drive of these women is being placed way behind their sex, as a means to determine if they are able to exist, be employed and survive in any of these industries.

I see 2017 as a year when women have finally come together as a gender group, to support each other rather than compete against each other, in an unprecedented show of courage and unity for women all over the world. This situation is not new, it has been going on forever; but what is new is that women are no longer going to be quiet and ashamed of something that they had little or no control over. This was only possible, due to the courage of those first few brave women, who spoke up and said, enough is enough! That courage has literally broken down the flood gates, to create an environment where women no longer feel ashamed for those despicable men’s behaviour, and feel supported by their fellow female sufferers to speak out.

The ‘Me too’ twitter and social media campaign, showed the truth of this and I personally couldn’t be more proud of every woman who has bared her deepest scars, bringing this culture of abuse to light. Hopefully not only will it allow women to realise that they are not alone (in fact far from it), so allowing those painful wounds to start to heal. Of course sexual harassment and misconduct by men in positions of power, does not, and has not, only occurred in these industries but sadly from the most menial jobs to the the most senior positions. It occurs in a world where our cultures accepts that men are more entitled to hold positions of power and where men feel entitled to use women for their sexual desires, whether the women are willing or not.

Millions of women around the world, feel like it is time for the ‘Tall Poppies’ who perceive themselves to be more entitled than everyone else to be seen for the inadequate little slime bags that they really are. Women are literally the mother’s of mankind and it is time that we are shown some respect and equality for the creator beings we really are. Petula Dvorak said:

“our silence enables sexual predators in the workplace. It has to stop and the predators finally know this. “

Of the 34 men accused in the US:

9 have been fired.

7 have resigned.

5 had their company cut ties, cancelled or stopped their funding.

3 have “stepped away”.

3 have been suspended.

2 have been replaced.

1 has been dropped by their agent.

If this isn’t proof enough that they are guilty and it is now time for everyone, men and women, to take a stand against this kind of disciple behaviour. Women need to speak up Immediately that something like this happens and employers need to listen, and respond Immediately to remove the perpetrator or take it to the authorities. It is only through the belief that they will no longer get away with their misuse of power against women that men will think twice before risking what they previously believed was an untouchable position of entitlement.

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