Hemp is the world's most nutritionally complete food source and many believe is our latest superfood. It is claimed that a person can survive indefinitely on hemp protein and water alone, because it contains everything the body needs to function. Many people mistakenly think that Hemp is the same as Cannabis or Marijuana, but in reality it only shares the Botanical name of Cannabis Sativa and a leaf shape that is similar. It has a chemical structure which is completely different, and consumption of hemp seeds, oil, or protein will NOT give you a psychoactive effect, even in large doses!

Since the 12th November 2017, in Australia and New Zealand, hemp has been approved for legal sale and consumption. Hemp is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and has the most perfect ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9 found in nature! Hemp is extremely fast growing, very water efficient and sustainable, with one acre of hemp producing 1000L of oil, 30 tonne of fibre and more medicine and biofuel than any other plant in the world's history.

No other natural resource on earth offers the commercial, economic and environmental potential of hemp! It has been used as a source of medicine and textile fibre, for over 6000 years. It's use for ropes in the tall ships of the British Empire, was one of the reasons the British set out to find new lands where they could cultivate more hemp crops. Today "leading researchers believe it to be the single most useful plant and one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet"

As a food source, hemp has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. Hemp also contains all 9 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), cholesterol fighting phytosterols, B Vitamins including folate, and minerals. It also offers a superior form of protein compared to other plant based protein sources, including soy, rice and pea. It is highly digestible and has a 98% bioavailability (meaning the body can use it easily)

Hemp also has many healing benefits, which can be derived from ingesting it as a liquid, eating it in seed or flour form, or used as a excellent healing balm for wounds. It can also be used as a body care product as a soap or a face cream, for it's excellent anti-aging and skin healing properties. Early studies have shown "hemp oil provides a superior UV protection and is an effective treatment for sunspots". Hemp oil is high in balanced Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and "all degenerative diseases including cancer, show low EFA's in blood." ( 2018, Pure Delight Hemp)

Hemp can be made into rope,canvas, paper, clothing, home furnishings, textiles and floor coverings. However it is as a building product that Hemp's amazing properties really stand out. Hemp can be made into a concrete (known as hempcrete) as well as products for roofing, flooring, panel boards, plasterboard, paint, insulation to name but a few of it's applications.

The most amazing thing is that when you build with hemp products, your home will be thermally insulated, so no cooling or heating is required! The production of hemp is actually carbon negative, because as it grows it is converting CO2 into Oxygen, as opposed to most other man made materials which require a huge input of energy and waste products, for their production. Your home, if built with hemp will be damp proof, mould proof and fire and termite resistant, as well as being lightweight, long lasting and energy saving. It can save the home owners massive yearly costs, as it will require you to use less energy, all while producing less pollution for the environment!

Hemp can also be used as a biofuel for the biodiesel industry, at a fraction of the cost of other biofuel sources. Henry Ford actually made his first Ford motor car completely out of hemp products! He said

"Why use up the forests which are centuries in the making, if we can get the equivalent of forrest and mineral products in the annual growth of hemp fields"

So why was it only made legal to grow and use Hemp in Australia at the end of 2017? Because hemp is very easy to grow. It grows almost like a weed, and as it is a natural product it could not have a patent applied to it. This would allow the manufacturers the opportunity to make money from it and they could not realistically stop people from growing it easily themselves. As such, it threatened the enormous emerging paper industry and the new synthetic fabric nylon. To ensure all their investment money and monopoly was not lost, the wealthy business manufacturers lobbied the government to pass laws making it illegal to use hemp.

They started a comprehensive propaganda campaign, linking Hemp to it's biological cousin Cannabis/Marijuana and the government banned the growth and use of both plants. So effective was this campaign to discredit Hemp, that still today many people confuse Hemp with Marijuana, and the common shape of their leaf makes it easy to exploit this confusion. It is only now that the truth about the unbelievable healing abilities of both plants has finally been made public, and both products are now set to be made legal throughout the world, as it already is in many states of America.

But this change in opinion has only come about, as the pharmaceutical industry has managed to 'make' in a laboratory a synthetic cannabis type product, which they can patent and sell in measured doses.

So now that you are aware of how amazing hemp is, you may want to consider sourcing organic hemp for use with your cooking, healing and beauty products. I do and I have never looked back. I would love to build a house out of hemp products, and thankfully there are more builders who are becoming familiar with this product and how to use them. In a country where we are often at the mercy of terrible bushfires, it would be comforting to know that your house would be naturally protected and that you would also be protected from the electricity bill shock that we get with their ever increasing prices.

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