The single biggest tasks that humanity faces, is to restore the balance between the masculine and the feminine in the world and ourselves.

Here at Wonderous Women, we are not an organisation of man hating feminists, in fact far from it. Nothing would please us more than for men to become more conscious of the needs of humanity, and to join us to live life in a more co-operative, evolving way. However, in order to be able to bring back the balance between the influence of men and women over the running of the world, our community, our families and ourselves; we first have to empower and support women.Today as in the past, women have been anything but equal in the way they are treated, in a world designed to reward and protect men and their privileges. This has to change!

While we do hate the inequality that pervades almost every aspect of our society for women, we also recognise that this inequality has existed for thousands of years. As such, genderism has become so imbedded in our everyday activities and psyche, that many of us, men in particular, struggle to acknowledge it exists, except in the worst case scenarios. I once read an article about the truth of women’s power, written by a man! In it he made the point that men are given unfair advantages by virtue of their gender, and that it would take a highly evolved man to not only recognise these inequalities, which many men do; but to actually want to bring about change.

It is unfortunately a simple issue of, do you give up your masculine privilege, like earning less so a women could earn more (making it equal pay) for the same or similar type of work. This type of action would require a person to look at the bigger picture and to want to act with integrity. Clearly giving up what many cultures see as a God given right, for a man/boy to be treated as better than women, is a very difficult thing to do. Things like being served the food first, given the better part of the meal, having the freedom to go, work, drive, socialise with whom and where they like. Being educated and medicated, and having the right to choose who you want to marry or have sex with, and the right to say NO if you don’t want this. Hence the proliferation of ‘a man’s world’, which is still very much in existence.

Women have been denied equal civil rights in so much of the world, that many of us see the only way to overcome these man made rules and obstacles, is to attempt to become ‘Super Women’! That is one way, but the truth is we are not all superwomen, and nor should we have to be. Men aren’t required to be Super Men, just to do well, and the majority of men find their automatic masculine privilege enough to be king of their castle, and to never need to aspire to become ‘Super Men’ at all.

Wonderous Women hope that by bringing the issues that effect women to our consciousness and promoting discussion about them; that we can motivate women to pursue changes that are not only necessary, but long overdue! Anyone who has stopped to think about the world, will have observed that women and men are very different. Traditionally, men were taught to be strong, tough, unemotional, waring and goal directed. We were told and shown, that the Alpha Male was the pinnacle of this masculinity, as most of them became our leaders.

Women who are Alpha Females however, who in an equal world would also be our leaders; are often criticised, hated and denied their opportunity to equally influence the world. On the odd occasion that they do reach the dizzying heights of leadership, they have to fight one hundred times as hard as a man to achieve it and receive a thousand times as much criticism. In fact the few cases of women in power have been sadly given to women who embody the majority of masculine ways of viewing the world, hence why they have been allowed to infiltrate the predominately masculine positions of power.

Women are naturally creator beings, as our bodies are literally designed to create humanity, and as a necessary part of this role, we are also given the ability to express unconditional love, nurturing, empathy, strength, courage, patience and endurance, in order to bring up a new amazing human being. It is every women and many men’s understanding, that these children are so important, as they will be the leaders and change makers of the future!

I believe that we all contain masculine and feminine aspects within our personalities, and by allowing those aspects, sometimes long repressed to resurface; would hugely benefit the entire world. Men will still be good at the things that make them uniquely men and the same for women; however, a utopian world would allow women who are natural leaders to lead and men who are natural nurturers to nurture. A truly equal world would allow an individual to fully utilise their own unique talents, regardless of their gender; but as the saying goes, ‘old habits are hard to change’.

Many women have become so adept at surviving in a world where they have been treated as second class citizens, that they either no longer see it as an issue, or have the belief that it can ever change. But by openly talking about those issues that effect women, we can hopefully switch on the light and wake up and inform all women. Only then, can we together make our voices heard. We do represent 50% of the worlds population after all! Together we can bring about the change that will allow equality for women, in terms of safety, respect and the opportunity to put our feminine input, into how we live and affect the earth and humanity.

Clearly we are not about hating men, but we are about waking everyone up to the inequality that does exist today, and in doing so we hope to raise the consciousness of humanity. A more feminine world, where a woman is willing to give her life for her children; would be one where the arms race would not exist; where people would not be made to struggle, so a small group of elite people can be obscenely rich at their expense; where we dig up the natural non renewable resources of the world, in terms of oil, coal, natural gas and uranium etc to provide financial monopoly for a few. A more feminine world would see the harm this is doing to the earth and the environment, and would choose with our children’s welfare in our hearts, viable, free and clean options to do the same things, without destroying the planet that we need in order to survive into the future.

Help us to achieve our goal for a better world. Discuss these issues, loud and proud with your female and male friends. Share Wonderous Women with all your friends, and sign up and join our community. It’s free to join and you get the weekly blog posts sent direct to your inbox, to help to keep you informed and allow you to bring these discussions to life in your everyday communities. Make the time to read each blog, comment and let’s get things changing. Imagine what we could achieve, if we had all 3.5 billion women of the world, with our united voices, to bring about the changes we so desperately need. Like Ghandi famously said:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

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