Mind Control the Elephant in the Room

This week I posted in our Wonderous Women facebook page, a spontaneous speech, given by a girl, while standing outside following the walk out of students in her high school to protest about the number of school shootings. (see below) She felt so concerned that the point was being missed, and that an opportunity to shine some light beyond the obvious was rapidly disappearing; that she risked possible ridicule and spoke her truth. A brave thing to do, when you feel so much passion and compassion for others, that she was willing to move out of her own comfort zone of blending in with the rest of her fellow students in order to be heard.

She spoke about the other side of the gun control argument in schools, where each and every student has the opportunity to take some responsibility for students going rogue and killing others, and to hopefully be part of the solution. Instead of blaming laws or the lack of them, or a person's access to high powered guns etc. (the obvious answer) she asked people to consider the following. If students were not bullied, ridiculed or socially abandoned by their peers, to the point where the only experiences they relate to going to school are negative, desperate and soul destroying; would there be a reason for such horrific actions in the first place?

I have seen stories of other students like this girl, who are empathetic, kind and wise young people, who have started programs in their own schools. These students invite socially isolated students to come and eat lunch or recess with them, and to make some new friends. It seems to me that this is a breath of fresh air in the way that some young people are thinking, and it may just be our hope for a kinder, better future for the world.

To those one dimensional thinkers who can only see a person, that they like to label as a 'sociopath' with access to a gun, I would ask that you might like to take several big steps backward, so you can take a look at the bigger picture of what really goes on in the world. Anyone who actively listens to news from multiple sources as opposed to just the nightly news, and who rather than just absorbs what they are told, but actively thinks for themselves; will be aware that stories abound of 'mind control". Rosanne Barr, has openly spoken about the organisation MK Ultra, who use mind control techniques to manipulate and control Hollywood stars and music greats to speak, and influence the masses.

The concept of 'entrainment' (mind control's scientific name) has been around since WW11, when there were reports of scientists trying to entrain dolphins to smash holes in enemy boats to sink them. This failed, due in large to the dolphin's superior intelligence not being able to accept this, so sending them crazy. In fact entrainment sound waves have been detected with highly sensitive equipment in all areas of life, from election rallys, on music sound tracks and even through electricity smart meters attached to our homes!

With the worlds current obsession with electronic devices, we are literally being bombarded by WiFi in our homes, schools, hospitals, cafes, universities, shopping centres, so that the only way we can avoid it is to get outside into nature! So it would not be out of the realms of possibility to potentially be able to manipulate the mind of a targeted, socially excluded, angry young person, to perhaps do mass shootings; which in many of these cases was out of character for the shooters. I am not saying that the shooters at schools or anywhere else are not mentally ill and possibly also sociopaths, but maybe not?

What I am sure about is that the time to blindly follow the narrative (often politically motivated) has gone. If we want the world to change, then like Einstein is quoted as saying

"The definition of insanity, is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result"

The time of change is upon us. It is time for all of us to start asking more questions, and rather than just blindly believing everything we are told, to try and discern if what I am being told, actually make logical sense? We also need to get over our belief that we shouldn't talk openly about things which don't make logical sense or which we know in our hearts are just not right. We have been gifted with an amazingly complex and clever biological machine which we call our body, and an equally amazing mind and soul which we need to start using more. We need to take back responsibility for thinking, assessing and coming up with the correct answers, like our life depends on it, as our young people have started to realise all to well.

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