Distractify Me

Today and for the previous four days on television, 'Breaking News' centred around the ball tampering saga, gripping Australian Cricket. So important was this news, that 3 days after the images appeared of a player attempting to smooth the match ball with something that looked like sandpaper, we are still being kept informed of the enormity of this issue! I know, the absolute horror of it all, was shown when our Prime Minister found it important enough, to make a public statement to the press, stating how appalled he was that somebody would stoop to such lows in order to win. Yes a strange comment, I thought coming from a politician! Curious though, when there was no such mention by him that Australia had signed the TTP earlier in the week, when it is a potentially life altering decision for our country trade rights.

The strange thing about this 'news', is that numerous professional cricketers have already gone on record as saying, that ball tampering occurs in almost every game of cricket, by almost every cricketer at some stage of his career. What, every game, by every cricketer? Then why is it still appearing as "breaking news". Honestly, while I do not condone cheating or dishonesty in any area, how many people really care what men who live their life playing a game, and being paid enormous amounts of money do; purely in order to occupy us, the viewing public?

I personally feel that the expulsion of Russian Diplomats, now labelled as 'spies' in Australia, to be a far more worrying issue. Because there now appears to be many other countries following suite, after the UK began to expel some Russian Diplomats and openly declaring a conflict with Russia. Although being a thinking woman, I found the response to expel 22 Russian Diplomats from the UK by Theresa May, to be premature and somewhat strange (if not potentially preconceived), coming before the investigation had even been completed.

Can anyone understand why an ex-spy and his daughter being poisoned (not even killed) by what has been labelled as a 'military grade' poisonous substance, could result in such a huge reaction by Mrs Theresa May, then Donald Trump, Mr Malcolm Turnbull and numerous other world leaders? This is taking into account that the substance was very specifically targeted to just the one person, as they have now declared it was found in the highest concentrations on Sergei Skripal's front door. In the scheme of horrible things people have happened in the world, is this really an act that the world should start expelling diplomats for? Considering the now public knowledge that Great Britain's then PM, Tony Blair and former President George Bush lied about Iraq having nuclear weapons, in order to invade their country and start a war; that killed thousands and destroyed their country. I consider this to be not only "breaking news" journalists, but a very worrying development concerning world peace!

Knowing that the only people who win from a war, are the people who manufacture military equipment, supply the manufacturers with raw products, or who run the 'war machine'. One can only wonder, if in this time when most countries are in huge debt, if the old saying "don't go broke, go to war" is what is really in play here. In order to have a war, you have to have a villain, that the majority of the world can be indignant about, in order for the strategy to work. Russia would seem to have drawn the short straw.

I am not sure why this seemingly minor incident, has caused such outrage in the world. When there have been so many atrocities that has killed thousands of people, which gets no response from most world leaders, other than the obligatory public speech of condolence and disgust for the perpetrators. I mean the victims were not even killed and let's be honest, this has happened before, where an ex-Russian spy was actually murdered in the UK by some mysterious, highly toxic substance. In both cases, no one else was effected or put at risk.

The supposed 'military grade' product was not used to cause anywhere near the carnage and injury that so many other attacks on UK soil or abroad has, which only makes the enormous world response appear to be Fake! Yes I said it, Fake news, trying to justify a plan long conceived and dutifully carried out by all leaders involved. This is of course purely subjective and deliberately provocative by me, a simple observer, who still 'thinks' about what is happening in the world myself, despite what the media is trying to convince us is more important.

So what I want everyone to do, is to continue to think for yourselves. Rather than just blindly believing whatever you are told. You need to start to more regularly think and question the news narrative and wonder if it is trying to distract us from what is really happening, and what is really important so we can have the opportunity to react appropriately to it. I am sure that there is not a person (who has nothing to gain) who wants to see another world war!

So let's stay vigilant, despite the blatant manipulation of the information that we hear, and remember that we are highly intuitive women, whose greatest goal is for the safety and well being of our families and the world. Let's call the 'breaking news' about cricket what it really is. Bullshit designed to distract us from the seriousness of what, of real consequence, is happening in the world.

The media worldwide needs to relearn what journalism is all about and rediscover their sense of integrity and humanity. Journalism used to be a profession which people respected and held in high regard, when they told the truth and enlightened us about wrong doings. Back when being a journalist was less about having an attractive face and figure and more about good, honest, investigative reporting. Where they researched and wrote their own copy, and were not just handed it to read moments before they go on air, written by some unknown source (ie. as in breaking news handed to the newsreader). Media with integrity, would be doing news about the real issues that affect all of us, instead of reporting what is essentially propaganda, representing false agendas and trying to deliberately distract us from the important issues.

PS: For the sixth day running, the 'Ball Tampering' saga continued to feature in Australian news! But today I heard that Steve Smith the Australian Cricket Captain, who has been stood down for a year; stands to loose his earnings of 5 Million! Well that certainly explains his tears at his press conference! Yes I gasped as well. Do you begin to understand to what lengths, the powers that be, want to distract us from what is really going on? When one player is paid 5 Million dollars per year, in order to play sport, so we can be so invested, that we don't ask such things as why are there hostilities between nations, and who is encouraging it.

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