Do Strong Women Weaken Men?

If you speak to leaders who talk to men's groups, they overwhelmingly state that many men no longer know who they are, how they should act, feel and behave. Many speak of the feeling that as women are gaining in confidence and strength, that it leaves them wondering what role in a relationship they are meant to play. This is understandable, as if you belong to a group who automatically assumed the role of leader, breadwinner, protector and all knowing head of the household (as it is in many cultures), it would come as a rude shock, to have to earn that position and sometimes relinquish it to a woman more qualified for that role. So when you have by virtue of your sex, been afforded unwarranted privileges, it would indeed be confusing to allow what many use to refer to as the weaker sex, to now show strength, courage and knowledge.

Is that a reason to stop the movement of women back up to their rightful place as equals, standing next to men? Hell NO!

Women aren't asking to be leaders, or to dominate men, just to be seen as an equal partner in life, each being allowed to share their own unique qualities, gifts and talents with their family, workplace, community and country. Equality, by its very meaning implies that there are no leaders. All that is needed is for everyone involved to be striving for an agreed goal; then who does what, will naturally fall to the most qualified for the job, regardless of their gender.

For true equality to be achieved, we need to address the physical differences between men and women, which leads to a great deal of inequality in everyday life. Men on average are taller, broader, heavier and more muscular than women, which can be intimidating to women. When an angry man approaches a woman, it is very threatening and can be quite terrifying.

I heard an interview with Cher recently, and she relayed a story where she was making a movie with Meryle Streep. After work they went for a walk and on the way they heard a blood curdling scream and saw a big man towering over a lady, ripping her shirt off her body. Instinctively they both ran towards the pair, but on reaching them, they were both shocked at how big and tall this man actually was! They ran either side of him to get to the girl, and luckily he ran off.

This is exactly the concept that men need to comprehend. It took three women to threaten that man enough to run off. Men need to be taught from a very young age, that using your physical size and strength is great for situations that require such abilities, but when interacting with a women, is NEVER one of them! This has to be drilled into them by their parents, the community, the media and reinforced by laws; until it is no longer a behaviour that any man would hopefully ever consider.

If a man can mindfully use his body and respectfully admire a woman's femininity, then their is room for the equality issue to take root and blossom. Men need to be taught that you never use your body, without first using your mind, morals and the love in your heart. As people are becoming more conscious, we are seeing more men who thankfully "get this", and for that we are truly grateful.

We all need to learn to start to think first with our hearts!

I believe that we need to reintroduce in a public, worldwide campaign, the idea of acting with integrity; a concept which for many has been relegated to to the back of our thoughts and discussions. If people were reminded that acting with integrity is the corner stone to all good decisions and behaviour, then we would not need to have the conversation about men and women being treated as equals!

Women's talents and abilities need to be sung loud and far, until it is a part of our everyday beliefs. This does not have anything to do with a woman's physical looks or sexual attractiveness, as has been the norm for a very, very long time. Whenever a woman states how great a women is, and a man openly scoffs and laughs, or make jokes about women to other men; equality is a battle that we will never win. All men, whether at home, work, out fishing with his mates or in mixed company, need to realise that all talk which stereotypes women or openly sexualises, degrades or denigrates women,


The inequality between the sexes is impossible to rectify, until men are put back in their place, where they like women are only admired based on their behaviour or talents, and not just because they were born male; and the world gives women the same belief and respect. This time is coming, but women who have for generations been told that they were less than men, also need to rediscover their self belief, love and worthiness, as well as the mind set which lets them know just how very important this change is for humanity and the earth.

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