What's the best thing about being single?

Times have changed over the past 50 years and one area that has seen some of the greatest changes, is our expectation that we MUST GET MARRIED. Now more than ever, the decision to be married has become a personal choice. Many women, largely due to greater career options, have a perfectly viable way of establishing and maintaining a single adult life in their own home or unit.

In fact, although the percentage of single home buyers is dropping as house and unit prices have increased, the ratio of women compared to men purchasing homes has actually increased. Whether this is because women are better savers than men, or they are searching for security and to establish their own life as a single person, in areas where men are in fewer numbers. Perhaps they are just more savvy and can see the potential money to be made and hence the possibility of a better life, from smart investments in property.

As women are becoming more self aware and conscious, we are also realising that we do not need anyone but ourselves to complete us. As we look inside, we have learnt that the greatest love in our lives is the unconditional love we give to ourselves! As women have the ability to own property, travel the world unaccompanied, explore a variety of careers and socialise without a partner much easier than in the past; it is not surprising that a woman is less likely to want to settle for a partner that does not match or complement her beautifully.

With things like the Me 2 movement and the open discussions about domestic violence, women are less willing to put up with or endure physically violent or painful relationships. As many women can also now identify and understand the concept of a narcissistic partner, we are quicker to identify potential candidates with this behavioural mental disorder, and RUN THE OTHER WAY!

I heard an interview with ladies from a retirement home, discuss domestic violence. They stated that back when they were young, women did not have options to leave a violent husband. It just wasn't done, mainly because a woman had no way to support herself or her children. A women could not even travel overseas, without her husbands written permission! If a woman in their community was regularly presenting with black eyes and bruises, they were taught to respect her privacy and look the other way, unless she brought the topic up herself.

Things have indeed changed over the years and are getting better in many ways for a women to enjoy a happy and fulfilled single life. Fewer women today would consider such a choice to be a failure, but rather an exercise in their own free self determination. In fact many young women, having seen so many of their parent's generation getting divorced, and experiencing first hand the effects on the children; are choosing not to get married at all.

Despite that, the joy that can be gained from a highly compatible partnership, is still one of the best things about being human, when your lucky enough to find it.

So what are some of the best things about being single?

*Cooking and eating what YOU like.

*Spreading out in bed, instead of being stuck on the one side.

*No snoring from a partner

*Not having to justify any purchases you make.

*Being responsible just for yourself.

*Not having to behave like your partners mother and look after them like they are your child instead of an equal partner.

*Being able to decorate your home totally in YOUR style.

Please feel free to add to our list below, by sharing what you think are the best things about being single.

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