Still Not Enough Women in Parliament

Today we heard about a speech given by Julie Bishop, the recently resigned Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. She spoke at a conference for women future leaders, and stated, that it is shameful that in 2018 we still have less than a quarter of the people in Australian Parliament who are women! I wrote a blog back in 13th April 2017 'Women in Power' about this very topic, and it seems that a year later nothing has improved. In fact with the resignation, (after failing in her attempt at the position of Prime Minster once he had been ousted) of Julie Bishop from her position as Deputy Leader to the back bench; and the resignation of several women from both sides of politics, (one prior and one after the Leadership spill of Malcolm Turnbull), the situation has got worse.

Julie Bishop, in a party where women were respected for their experience, expertise, loyalty and ability; should have been the obvious person to step up and take over the position of Prime Minister. But not in the male dominated, masochistic Liberal/National Party. So determined to get their preferred faction candidate member in, that women members have announced that they were subjected to bullying tactics by fellow member power-brokers, to vote a certain way. Hence the resignation of the post leadership spill, woman parliamentarian; who experienced the bullying and said she did not want to be a part of it any longer.

Julie Bishop had been the loyal and efficient Deputy Leader, to no less than four previous male Prime Ministers! She never ran against her then leaders when they were ousted, unlike many others. Yet still, somehow the internationally respected Foreign Affairs Minister, was overlooked and outvoted for the top position.

This left every women in Australia wondering, what does a women actually have to do to be rewarded in her career, with the positions they actually deserve? I wonder how obvious, such blatant sexual discrimination has to be, before women start to speak up to let Australian men know, that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Women will no longer be treated as second class citizens, in a world that has been dominated by the 'men's club' for way too long.

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