We have all at some time in our lives, contemplated why we are here? What is the purpose to our sometimes repetitive and challenging existence? We get up, eat, work, shop, cook, clean, go to bed and repeat, at it's worst.

If your anything like me, you sometimes hear about women, like those featured on the Wonderous Women website; who seem to do extraordinary things, making millions or impacting thousands through their creative and humanitarian efforts, talents, business acumen and vision. But what about those of us who haven't started a fortune 500 business, or any business for that matter? Those who haven't been blessed with extraordinary talents, who can sing beautifully, run the fasted, or invent something that has changed the world. What is the purpose of the majority of us to even be here, as we do nothing that stands us apart from millions of other Wonderous Women?

There clearly has to be some other, overlooked reason, for so many of us 'average' women to be here.

A few days ago a friend of mine who I have known for a very long time, was involved in a very serious car accident; where people were injured and lives were forever changed. My dear friend was at fault, but having known this lady for 26 years, I know that despite this incident, that she is one of the hardest working, responsible woman I know. She has worked tirelessly and professionally, doing her best as a business woman and a dedicated single mother to her only daughter. However despite being a women of strong moral and spiritual beliefs, this terrible situation has occurred as a result of a momentary lapse of concentration and a poor decision.

The shock of this situation, has impacted my daily thoughts and even my dreams. I can see that the effects of the circumstances that she now finds herself in, has already impacted on how I now drive; by making me stay mindful and alert and slowing down just that little bit more. I have had it driven home in the most painful way, how quickly one simple poor decision, can literally change the entire direction of so many lives. Not only your children, but also your parents, your siblings, your friends and anyone who knows you. Even people who hear about your story on the news are forever impacted by any one situation.

It occurred to me that when both good and bad things happen to each and everyone of us, it does not just effect us alone. The ripples of our experience, our energy, our emotions, and our thoughts; all filter through into everyone of us as we all tap into the Universal Consciousness. Anyone of us can and do make mistakes or poor decisions everyday, that can have dire consequences for ourselves and others.

A soul comes to earth in order to experience new things and to have new lessons. Each of us have different experiences, which we then share with each other, either directly or indirectly via the Universal Consciousness, which we are all in constant contact with. We could never live long enough to have every experience ourselves.

So when you next wonder why you are here, realise that we all share our experiences through the 'Ripple Effect', so that we each do not have to directly experience each possible scenario. Imagine the slow progress the world would make if we each had to experience the exact same thing. As we learn from other people's lessons, and understand that if we pay more attention to those around us, we may never have to experience that lesson ourselves.

This would then free us up to go ahead and experience new creative things that may hopefully benefit the earth and humanity. So be aware of the 'Ripple Effect' and pay attention to new experiences, so we don't have to do them all ourselves. My Dad used to say "listen to other people's advice, because you will never live long enough to make them all yourself". So be open and empathetic for the sacrifices that others make, so we do not have to experience everything ourselves. "Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone" as it was famously written in the Bible and learn, learn, learn.

Please drive carefully!

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