What an obnoxious world the privileged live in, where Cardinal George Pell, the highest Australian Catholic priest's lawyer, described his pedophile actions against two 13 year old choir boys, to the judge, as only being "plain vanilla sex"! As though any sexual assault by an Archbishop against a 13 year old innocent child, could not be seen by any human with an ounce of humanity and integrity, as anything but vile beyond common decency. What does that say about our current legal system, where a lawyer dares to somehow reduce this despicable act as 'vanilla', with the connotation of 'sweetness'?

I wonder how sweet he would have found the assault had it happened to his son? Still plain vanilla sex, or just depraved like the rest of us humans think? So what was the lawyer trying to make us believe? That the act of pedophilia is something which is 'sweet", or imply it was unexciting and out of the ordinary? If it was so 'vanilla' for Mr Pell, then why did it happen at all, and then again to the count of five charges for which he was found unanimously guilty?

Why do men, even those who are supposed to espouse virtue in the community, feel the right to act on such evil acts? Acts which in any case involving a child, effects and often destroys their entire lives. Because one man feels so privileged, they give themselves permission to destroy one or more other peoples lives (typically it is predicted that most pedophiles have between 20 -100 victims). A person who thinks this way is sick and selfish beyond belief, and this happens in every place, in every city, in every country, time and time again!

Have men made such little progress in their humanity, that they cannot consider that destroying the life of a women or innocent child in order to satisfy their sexual urges, is completely repugnant? When John Howard and Tony Abbot, two previous Australian Prime Ministers, both have come out as character supporters for George Pell, any person would have to wonder about the integrity of the leaders and what the largely boys club of politics gets up to behind closed doors. I know that this type of thing, does not mean that their are not good men in the community or in politics ,(I happen to know quite a few myself), however the sheer numbers of sexual assaults of women and children all over our world, might imply that there are more men who are not.

I hope that the Judge is open enough, to sense the disgust and frustration of the public, regarding people who do these kinds of things to children, and give him a full and lengthy sentence. Such a sentence would indeed send a message to those other pedophiles, that hiding behind your guise of religion and goodness will no longer protect you.To those good men and all you Wonderous Women, whether your Catholic or not, stop ignoring this clear and present danger to our children's well being, and open your mouths and speak up for those victims and the future victims, that this has to stop now!

Men for God's sake, you are not the most important people in the world! You are only half of the worlds population, who has been given unwarranted privileges by virtue of your gender. Perhaps this is the message we need to be teaching in school, so that women can dare to live a life of equality and respect and children can no longer live in fear.

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