Being a Woman in 2019

So you think that women today have it so much better than in the past, do you? Well there is an 11 year old Argentinian girl who would disagree. This is how life has panned out for her so far in 2019. She was taken away from her mother and put into the care of her grandmother in 2015 aged just seven, after her two older sisters were abused by their mother's partner. She was then raped by her grandmothers 65 year old partner. What the hell is wrong with men?

As if that was not horrific enough, she then requested an abortion, a decision which is allowed in predominately Catholic Argentina, when a pregnancy is the result of a rape. However, the request was delayed by almost five weeks, at which point she was forced to have a C-section at the Eva Peron Hospital in the Tucuman province, at 23 weeks pregnant! As any women would know, the earlier an abortion is carried out, the less physically traumatic it is, so why then in such a clear case was this little child made to wait?

I ask anyone to tell me, where is the justice in this case? Where is the concern for her well being, both physically and emotionally and the respect and care that this child deserved? She was 11 and was raped by a 65 year old man, who somehow thought this this was OK and his right. He had no regard for the innocence of childhood or a person's sovereignty over their own body; which to him was completely irrelevant when his sexual desires were active.

This rape was then further exacerbated by a government body, with laws made predominately by men, regarding how to treat a female rape victim. Their delay in providing approval for her to get an abortion, as was her legal right in that country, resulted in her having to have an emergency cesarean to give birth, at aged 11!

The world likes to believe that we have come so far for women 's rights to a fair and equitable life, but I would say that this may be a belief that is stronger in thought than in actual reality. Only when all governments, judges, CEO's have positions held by equal numbers of men to women, will there be a world where empathy and understanding of what it is in reality to be a women in our world, is taken into consideration when passing rules and laws. Women make up 50% of the population and deserve 50% representation in our governance.

Surely in 2019, society should have become a bit more civilised, a bit more inclusive and a bit more acting in integrity. Sadly at the moment, when women and girls continued to be murdered by their spouses and fathers or raped by family members or strangers in huge numbers, we cannot assume that anything but fashion, cosmetics and technology has essentially changed for centuries! The balance of power must be achieved, before women can live a fair and just life. Surely everybody can see that it is time for men to hand over their ironclad control of power.

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