It's Complicated Being a Woman

Hormones, Menstruation and Menopause

Being a woman is complicated. Our lives are full of extra burdens and complications that men simply will never fully appreciate or understand. From puberty (which is officially happening younger and younger between 8-10 yrs) girls experience monthly cramps which are sometimes debilitating and severe. The pain and inconvenience of menstruation continues for some 30-40 years when menopause happens; which comes with it's own different and yet equally disruptive physical conditions to endure.

Men never have to feel this pain, experience the hormonal changes and associated expenses, not to mention the inconvenience and disruption of either of these bodily functions, EVER!

Women, Men, Sex and Childbirth

Women and Men choose together to experience sex, however should a pregnancy result, the man's body never changes! His skin isn't stretched to accommodate his growing offspring, nor does his blood volume double, or his ligaments stretch and bones move apart in preparation for birth; and neither do his hormones experience huge upheavals and changes. He will never experience morning sickness, which some unlucky women experience for the entire pregnancy!

Women are Creator Beings

Then there is the physical assault on a female body, in order to give birth to the baby. The pain of this experience is described by doctors as a 10 out of 10 pain level, when comparing any other injuries or conditions to it. As any mother knows first hand, this is a perfectly legitimate line of comparison! How then can we possibly ever expect a man to comprehend with any empathy, what it is like to be a woman?

Despite our amazing ability to make a new life within our bodies, we have been given a stature which is shorter and less strong (muscular) than men, and usually less in physical weight as well. This sheer difference between a man's and a woman's physicality, means that women are also often at the mercy physically, to a larger and stronger man. Being a woman is complicated and difficult, and men are simply unable to ever fully appreciate it.

Equality for Women

How then can men expect that when a woman asks to be treated as an equal, that he can even comprehend what that means, or how it could possibly ever be achieved? In order to be treated as an equal, men need to take into account and offer compensation, for all the things in life that women have to endure, that men never have to. Consider it like a golfing handicap which is applied to women, in order to bring what they have to experience by virtue of being a women, into some form of parity to men.

Women's Pay Rate Compared to Men

This could start with an adjustment to our wages, where women's pay is 20% higher than men, as well as for comparable men to women occupations, and which would be applied to all wage tiers and structures. So while now men earn more than women, just because they are men, all women would earn 20% more than men in every occupation. Women should be paid two full time wages, while they are pregnant (one for her and one for the baby she is carrying) or be given a bonus wage while ever she is able to continue working. Once the baby is born, she should continue to be paid 2 wages for the first year of life of her child. This would reflect the reward due for the miracle of creation, as well as compensation for the physical demands and damage that childbirth may do to her body and may require future repair.

Women and Superannuation

Women should also be given a lump sum contribution to their superannuation for every child they have. Finally when a women goes through menopause, they should be given another lump sum payment, for the additional costs and physical trauma that this stage of the female life cycle puts on them. Only then, would a women start to be treated on a level playing field as any man.

Inequalities for Women in Sport

Take for instance the situation of a professional sportswomen. Sarina Williams recently went from world no. 1 in the rankings to no. 491, after stopping to give birth to her first baby! While on maternity leave her world ranking plummeted. Had she got injured, or gone away for a long honeymoon break, this would be an expected result, however, to loose your career ranking that you have worked literally all your life for, just so that you can create a baby and start your family, is inexcusable. Keep in mind, that a world where women put money and career above having a baby, would literally mean an end to the world! This is not a scenario anybody would ever want!

Sadly this is but one of the many inequalities that women have to endure, in order to fulfill our true career as creator beings. The world needs to wake up and let common sense and fairness re-emerge in our society. Until men are made to remember such things, they will never relinquish the privilege that comes with being born a man in a male dominated and ruled world.

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