The Impact of Women Earning Less

In a world where women seem to have more opportunities than ever before to do a variety of different careers, it can appear to many that the debate about equal wages between men and women is not that big an issue. Although inherently unfair that women across the board are paid 14% less than men doing the same or equivalent work, it is unlikely that many men will view this as a big issue. It would probably also not concern the average man that jobs like hospitality, cleaning, elderly care, childcare and nursing (which have far more women than men working in them), are also lower paid professions than many equivalent male jobs such as labouring, building, trades, logistics and mechanics. Obviously if the shoe was on the other foot, I am sure we would be seeing rolling strikes and huge rallies of protesting men!

Lower pay for Women's work, impacts our lives a lot!

Because today more than ever, women are either choosing or finding themselves living alone. Many women (those who have read the studies that single women are happier and live longer than married women) are never marrying, and many more are finding themselves divorced and alone with children to support. Rent prices, mortgage rates and house prices are exactly the same for men and women, however if over a women's working life she is in a lower paid career or is paid 14% less than her male colleagues, how does she make up the shortfall?

Is a woman's Home and Content Insurance 14% cheaper? NO

Is a woman's home renovations or repairs 14% cheaper? NO (more likely to be dearer for a women on her own)

Are the Council Rates 14% cheaper for women? NO

Are Electricity, Water and Gas Bills 14% cheaper for women? NO

Is Food 14% cheaper for women? NO

Are restaurants 14% cheaper if you are a women? NO

Is her Car or the Petrol to run the car 14% cheaper? NO

Is her Greenslip, Insurance, Registration and Licence 14% cheaper for women? NO

Are Mechanics and replacement parts 14% cheaper for women? NO (more likely to be much more expensive than what men pay)

Is Health Cover Insurance, if she can even afford it 14% cheaper for women? NO

Is the cost of Hospitals, Doctor's, Specialist 14% cheaper for women? NO

Are her medicines, or a visit to a Chiropractor 14% cheaper if she is a women? NO

Will any government support payments she qualifies for, be 14% more than for men? NO

Will her pension be 14% more for her as a women, knowing that after a lifetime of earning less, she will retire with at least $100,000 less in her superannuation? NO

The Cost of Women's Products compared to Men's.

What we find in reality is largely completely the opposite. Women's products are in fact much more expensive than the exact same products marketed to men.

Women pay 29% more for women's razors than men do for razors.

Women pay 11% more for shampoo than men's shampoo.

Women pay 16% more for Body Wash than men's body wash.

Women pay 12% more for undies.

Women pay 9% more for Multi Vitamins than men.

Women pay 5% more for their jeans than men.

Women pay a lot more for sleep wear, gym ware & casual clothes than men.

Women pay a lot more for work clothing, evening clothing & shoes than men, and there is a cultural expectation that women should spend more on clothes than men.

Then there is the need for make up, skin care products, nail care, jewellery, handbags, swimsuits and accessories, that men do not and are never expected to purchase or wear.

Then there is the cost of feminine hygiene products that are expensive and have only just had the GST removed from them! As though monthly sanitary hygiene is a luxury!

So when you consider not only are women paid less for the same or a comparable job, they are expected to pay the same as men for everyday items and services and much much more for 'women's' items and services that men do or never need to use. For a woman to be accepted into a career or work place she is expected to look professional, stylish and in a different outfit everyday; to meet societal expectations of how a career woman should look and act like, while her male counterpart may wear the same one or two suites every day of the week!.

Is It A Fair World To Be A Women In?

Even living in a first world nation with a very high world standard of living compared to much of the world, women are at a financial disadvantage compared to men doing the exact same job. So men who think we are complaining over very little when we repeatedly tell our mainly male politicians that they need to legislate making it illegal to pay women less, or to charge women more for the same product or service just because it is marketed to women rather than men.

I say, get some honesty and integrity and tell us how willing you would be to walk a mile or a lifetime in a woman's shoes?

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