Many Men and a lot of Women seem to be under the deluded perception that men and women in 2019 are largely treated equally. You would only need to take a look at the picture taken at the 2019 G7 meeting, to see just how incorrect this belief is.

There in the official portrait of 24 of the worlds most influential leaders of some of the biggest economies of the world, one lonely women Angela Merkel, is standing amongst a sea of 23 men!

When you consider how long women have been allowed to vote, be educated and represent 50% of the population, how can this still be the norm? It's not because women are less intelligent than men, because any person who has attended high school can attest that it is often that academic excellence is achieved by the girls. Yet the patriarchal system of of rulers and rule makers continues in 2019, even as the USA launches its

'Space Force'! Doesn't anybody see that the blatant boys club that exists within positions of leadership, who it seems will never relinquish control to include more women, needs to be moved on for a more 21st Century way of thinking?

Women and men not only look physically different, we process our emotions differently and we think differently. There is a medically recognisable female and male brain. Any one with an once of common sense, would realise that for women's needs to be fully considered, there needs to be rulers and rule makers who think like women; otherwise its like the egg yolk pretending to be the same as the egg white. It is from the same egg, as we are all from the human race, but we will never be the same and neither can imagine what it is like to be the other. Yet, whip the yolk together with the white, and we can make a delicious and nutritious omelette. Let men and women rule equally, and we will end up with ideas and directions to be taken, which reflect both the needs and different ways of thinking that the world desperately needs.

To achieve such a utopian ideal, would take the breakdown of the established norm, the boys clubs, the politicians in every Parliament, the CEO's, the Board members of huge corporations, to step aside and allow a new dawn of elections. In such elections, equal numbers of men and women would fill all the available positions with 50% men and

50 % women, NO EXCEPTION! Would this be a radical idea? Only if you were one of the men who currently holds such a position. Would it be a revolutionary idea? Yes, and especially if you are a women! Would there be a difficult transition? Probably, but then the men who remained would have to be willing to allow women, with their unique knowledge, insights and experience; to contribute new ideas which would be acted on, for it to work.

Imagine how quickly the world might transform from the chaotic, destructive, madness that permeates so much of our beautiful world, if women were finally allowed to share equally in the decision making process. Maybe then, it might filter down to those men, who believe that they have a right to beat, rape and kill women. This happens with nauseating regularity in Australia; simply because they have an unrealistic expectation that in a man's world they can do whatever they want.

This week they released the independent results of the 'best cities" in the world to live.

Australia claimed positions 2,3 and 10! Bravo, but if according to the survey, Australia is one of the best places to live, and yet we still experience more than one women every week being murdered by domestic homicide, or raped by a man while walking home; then what does that say about women's lives and rights in the rest of the world? If you are not convinced that things have to change, then you are probably an 'non-conscious' man. If you are a women, then I hope that you now agree that you need to stand up for what is right, and voice the need for change.

If not for us here in Australia, then for the majority of women around the world!

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