Admittedly I have been thinking and building the Wonderous Women website, since I came up with the idea back in 2014, after reading Marianne Williamson’s book, ‘A Woman’s Worth’. So as a result, I have been constantly thinking about how I could design a website that allowed the world to see a woman’s worth; and then pouring through the huge amount of information about women and how they are treated, how much of a say they get in the world, and what their hopes for a better future for themselves, and their children are. My blog posts reflect not only my own concerns about how life is for a women, but it also tries to inform and speak of those things that women currently experience, both in Australia as well as throughout the world; while simultaneously recognising many of the amazing women already achieving incredible things. However, I am still shocked when I hear women make comments, that they have son’s and grandson’s, so they don’t want to support Wonderous Women by becoming a member. I can only assume that they are not aware of how difficult life is for billions of women around the world. Perhaps, because they are the some of the lucky few, that life is good and fair to. They must feel, the unfounded concern that somehow by raising up women, you automatically dis-empower men? Men and women are created equal. We each have anatomical design features, which allow us to focus and specialise in our specific roles that men and women play in the world, but we are both designed with thinking brains, mouths to communicate with, hearts to love with, and blood that pumps to muscles, so we can work and play. The truth is that you barely need to scratch the surface of just about any aspect of the world we live in, to find an unjustified, unacceptable, chasm of inequality and discrimination against being a women. While ever this enormous chasm exists between the world as it is for a women, as opposed to a man; by the virtue of being born one sex or another, I cannot for the life of me see the logic in this way of thinking. If nothing else, it is a reflection of the centuries of dominance and mistreatment of women that seems to have permeated their brain cells to react as a man would, when they fear centuries of unfounded privilege may be slowly residing. Surely those women who feel like they are betraying their son’s, must be oblivious to the fact that in 2019: 1. Women are paid on average, 14% less than men.

2. This means that every women has to spend more, (of her already reduced pay), for every goods or service than a man does for example, do we pay 14% less for our groceries, bills, rates, rent, medical costs, insurances, education, restaurants, clothing, etc. in order to compensate us for being paid 14% less? NO!

3. As every woman will one day experience, this not only impacts us throughout our entire lives, resulting in us having less savings left over from each pay, to use for housing, investments, business opportunities, medical treatments, travel, and a better lifestyle for ourselves and our children; but continues to impact us well into our old age.

4. Ultimately the real effects of this unwarranted discrimination, is seen when we retire with much less super; which we then need to stretch throughout what is often a longer lifespan than men. This is further compounded, when many women are left to survive alone without a partner as a result of divorce, resulting in the couples assets in half. A situation a single women finds very difficult to financially recover from alone.

5. More than one woman a week (two in the UK) are killed by their partner as a result of domestic homicide. Imagine if one man was being murdered by their wives every week, what do you think the media, politicians and judiciary would be saying? I wonder how many new laws would be passed to try and put a stop to such carnage?

6. It was estimated that 4.8 Million people, mainly women and children, were trafficked in the commercial sex trade in 2015, and that number would be considerably higher in 2019! Let that number sink in….... For those women and girls, their lives are unimaginable. They are beaten, drugged and exploited by men for long periods of time every day and night, without hope for any future!

7. Women in Saudi Arabia were only this year given the right to drive a car! However this still needs to happen with a male chaperon. While female genital mutilation is still the normal practice for millions of girls throughout the world.

8. Women and girls in much of Africa have been denied an education, because it's their job to fetch the water for their families needs. They often walk up to 2 km to the nearest water source and then back, carry heavy containers of water on their heads or back. So there is no opportunity to go to school, get an education and change their life!

9. In many countries of the world, women are treated as possession of their father or husband. They are forced into marriages as children, and forced to have sex with their mature husbands, while only children. No childhood, if you are a girl born into such cultures!

10. In Australia we are struggling to get 30% representation of women on Boards, with many of the ASX 200 companies having no women on their boards at all! When the board dictates a company's direction, is there any wonder that the world's natural resources and ecosystems are being destroyed or depleted; as a reflection of profits being put ahead of a healthy world and future for our children?

11. Women in Australian politics represent less than a quarter of all politicians, and since our inception we have only ever managed one female Prime Minister and then she was rolled out of her top position, by an un-elected male party member before her elected period was even completed! This is not uncommon throughout the world, as seen by the last blog post where there was only 1 women out of the 24 most powerful world leaders at the G7 Summit a couple of weeks ago.

12. Women still represent only a small percentage of all CEO’s, throughout the world. These are just a small representation of the way that women experience life today in 2019. Therefore, I don’t think that any woman needs to feel worried about supporting any group that hopes to change this huge disparity. It appears to me that raising women up, is not only an enormous job in a million and one different areas of life, but that if achieved will only lead to restoring the natural order of equality between women and men. When women have a say in how women are treated, then we can put an end to the barbaric treatment of so many women throughout the world, and the world will benefit hugely by having some seriously needed feminine intervention!

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