Predator Gone

Last year we finally heard the conclusion to the Bill Cosby case. He was given a sentence of 10 years, of which he will probably only serve three? I don't proclaim to be a lawyer, but the logic of that completely eludes me. That said, we can all celebrate that finally a known predator, for over 30 years and for over 30 victims who have come forward with their own stories of sexual assault, has been held accountable for his wrongdoings.

Bill Cosby is 82 years old and throughout the entire case we were shown how old he was, as he shuffled back and forth to the court house, trying to elicit sympathy for the perpetrator. However we have all seen very rich and very old men marry and have children with young women, so I say so what if he is in his eighties? Any victim will tell you that what they have to live through after an assault is a life sentence!

What all women hope, is that this is just the beginning of bringing powerful, famous and rich men to justice for their abuse to women. The "me too movement" revealed for the first time in history, just how prolific the abuse of women really is. Our gratitude goes to one of our featured Wonderous Women Gloria Alred, who took on the cases and saw it to completion. Thank you to all women involved, for your courage and integrity


October 2020, There was a news report about this case. There was a before and after picture of Bill Cosby pre and post his incarceration. He looked old and unwell, and I am guessing the leaked photo was to elicit sympathy for him leading up to some sort of appeal. It made me think about the way our society thinks. It appears that if your old and unwell, you somehow deserve our sympathy, while if you are a young and attractive women then you will somehow be fine.

Sexual assault can be a mental and emotional life sentence for a women whose personal choice and freedom to use her body the way she wants, has been taken away from her. Not to mention the human right to choose with whom she has sex. It is not a visual scar but it nonetheless exists in every victim of sexual assault, everywhere. When will the world start to give the respect to the victim rather than the perpetrator of a crime?

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