We live in times of such great change, so it is inevitable that relationships and how they function will also change, with Divorce often being the end result. Because of this, there are thousands of women walking around, feeling, hurt, damaged, bewildered and overwhelmed. This is for those Wonderous Women, who need to learn to see the Gifts of Divorce, so we can rise up and see that this is all part of the bigger plan, to fix relationships, restore the feminine and masculine balance, so we can happily exist within or without marriage, confident in our true magnificance.

Divorce is a HUGE CHALLENGE!
Like all Challenges in life, it is also an opportunity for huge growth.
Divorce is a life altering scenario and represents a big wake-up call to stop and reassess your life.
Without shit, nothing grows! Figuratively and literally.

If life was to keep going steady with nothing bad ever happening, what would be the impetus to push

ourselves to become all that we can be, and do all that we have come here to do?
Comfort and complacency are the brakes to future growth. Therefore, challenge with heartbreak, is one

of the biggest pushes a person can get from the universe, to stop and reassess the direction of your life.

You can then start to question and discover who you really are, not just as a wife, a mother, a daughter

or a sister; but as a soul who has come to earth to share their particular gifts and learn lessons and skills.

The universe has told you in no uncertain terms, that it is time for a change! It’s your time to step up, wake up and be all that you can be.

If you immerse yourself in pain, sadness, fear and misery over your divorce, the only direction for you is a free fall downwards until your hit rock bottom. But if you can start to see the potential of your new circumstances as a free women, able to make your own decisions for you and your children’s lives; then we can stop that free fall and turn it into an opportunity to rise higher than you had ever reached before.

But you can only do this if you realise that this opportunity for self-discovery, is your GIFT of DIVORCE.
Change your attitude, and you can reduce your sadness and pain exponentially.
It’s the difference between being a cup half empty or a cup half full type of person, with the opportunity to own the entire café added on top.

Learn to find the gifts of divorce

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