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Last year we finally heard the conclusion to the Bill Cosby case. He was given a sentence of 10 years, of which he will probably only serve three? I don't proclaim to be a lawyer, but the logic of that completely eludes me. That said, we can all celebrate that finally...

Sadly for women, it effects women twice as much as it does men. Even children and young adults are now found to be more stressed and anxious than ever before.

I am still shocked when I hear women make comments, that they have son’s and grandson’s, so they don’t want to support Wonderous Women by becoming a member. I can only assume that they are not aware of how difficult life is for billions of women around the world; perha...

You would only need to take a look at the picture taken at the 2019 G7 meeting to see just how incorrect this belief is. There in the official portrait of 24 of the worlds most influential leaders of some of the biggest economies of the world, one lonely women Angela...

So when you consider not only are women paid less for the same or a comparable job, they are expected to pay the same as men for everyday items and services and much much more for 'women's' items and services that men do or never need to use.

These scammers are not only trying to get your money, little amounts at a time; but are also potentially building up an identity profile OF YOU!

Hormones, Menstruation and Menopause

Being a woman is complicated. Our lives are full of extra burdens and complications that men simply will never fully appreciate or understand. From puberty (which is officially happening younger and younger between 8-10 yrs) girls ex...

We have all been sold (marketed) the idea that wearing a bra is not only essential, but that it also plays a huge part in our attractiveness and sexiness. I wonder how sexy and attractive we think having breast cancer and the resulting treatments are? If there was enou...

So you think that women today have it so much better than in the past, do you? Well there is an 11 year old Argentinian girl who would disagree. This is how life has panned out for her so far in 2019. She was taken away from her mother and put into the care of her gran...

 What an obnoxious world the privileged live in, where Cardinal George Pell, the highest Australian Catholic priest's lawyer, described his pedophile actions against two 13 year old choir boys, to the judge, as only being "plain vanilla sex"! As though any sexual assau...

It occurred to me that when both good and bad things happen to each and everyone of us, it does not just effect us alone. The ripples of our experience, our energy, our emotions, and our thoughts; all filter through into everyone of us as we all tap into the Universal...

This left every women in Australia wondering, what does a women actually have to do to be rewarded in their career, with the positions they actually deserve? I wonder how obvious such blatant sexual discrimination there has to be before women start to speak up in huge...

No longer would the water run wastefully back into the sea, but rather it could be directed towards dams which we have built inland where they are most needed. Why could we not have have pipes situated along those rivers which regularly flood, which could be opened to...

Rest in Peace Eurydice and all the Wonderous Women taken too early, raped or abused at the hand of an out of control man who feels entitled to do so.

To turn just one small in any country, into a model for other towns to follow. The kind of place that most of us have dreamed of all our lives, & to lay the foundation for a new social structure & a world free from economic slavery. A place of abundance & prosperity wh...

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ANXIETY, the Scourge Of The Decade

November 1, 2019

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